Alexandra Cornilescu - Selected Publications#

BOOKS (selected list):

Concepts of Modern Grammar (first edition 1995; second edition 2006) - Bucharest, Editura Universitatii din Bucuresti
google scholar citations: 53

Complementation in English: A Minimalist Approach (2004) - Bucharest, Editura Universitatii din Bucuresti
google scholar citations: 30

PAPERS in International, peer-reviewed (ISI) journals and edited volumes:

"Nominal ellipsis as definiteness and anaphoricity: the case of Romanian" (first author) - Lingua, volume 122, issue 10, 2012
google scholar citations: 13

"Nominal peripheries and phase structure in the Romanian DP" (first author) - Revue roumaine de linguistique 56 (1), 35-68, 2011
google scholar citations: 15

"Romanian nominalizations: Case and aspectual structure" - Journal of Linguistics, volume 37, issue 3, 2001
google scholar citations: 66

"Remarks on the determiner system of Rumanian: the demonstratives al and cel" - Probus, volume 4, issue 3, 1992
google scholar citations: 51

PAPERS in collective volumes (selected list):

"On the syntax of Romanian definite phrases: changes in the patterns of definiteness checking" (first author) - in P. Sleeman, H. Perridon (eds.), The Noun Phrase in Romance and Germanic, John Benjamins, 2011
google scholar citations: 13
reviewed on the linguist list (Jennifer Culbertson):

"Clitic doubling, complex heads and interarboreal operations” (first author) – in D. Kallulli, L. Tasmowski (eds.), Clitic doubling in the Balkan languages, 289-319. John Benjamins, 2008
google scholar citation: 10

"The double subject construction in Romanian" - in V. Motapanyane (ed.), Comparative studies in Romanian syntax, North-Holland, 2000
google scholar citations: 102
reviewed on the linguist list (Manideepa Patnaik):

"Rumanian genitive constructions" - in G. Cinque, G. Giusti (eds), Advances in Roumanian Linguistics, John Benjamins
google scholar citations: 69
reviewed in Journal of Linguistics, 33, 643-644 (James Hearne): ["Cornilescu also discusses functional nominal projections, particularly with respect to Rumanian genitive constructions. This is a very rich and dense article with many interesting examples and numerous assumptions to account for the complex data."]]
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