Jessica Corner - Selected Publications#

Overall H Index: 39

1) Corner J., Plant H., A’Hern R., Bailey C. (1996) Non-pharmacological intervention for breathlessness in lung cancer. Palliative Medicine 10 (4) 299-305. 237 citations

2) Bredin M, Corner J, Krishnasamy M, Plant H, Bailey C, A’Hern R. (1999) Multicentre randomised controlled trial of nursing intervention for breathlessness in patients with lung cancer. BMJ 318, 901-904. 386 citations. Adopted as evidence for UK NICE and Scottish Intercollegiate guidelines on the management of lung cancer. Has led to the widespread adoption and development of non pharmacological intervention for the management of the symptom of breathlessness in the UK and Europe.

3) Moore S, Corner J, Wells M, Haviland J, Sal mon E, Normand C, Brada M, O’Brien M, Smith I (2002). Nurse led follow-up and conventional medical follow-up in the management of patients with lung cancer: randomised trial. BMJ 325, 1145-1147. 284 citations. Adopted as evidence for UK NICE and Scottish intercollegiate guidelines on the management of lung cancer

4) Corner, J., Hopkinson, J., Fitzsimmons, D., Barclay, S. and Muers, M. Is late diagnosis of lung cancer inevitable? Interview study of patients’ recollections of symptoms before diagnosis. Thorax, 2005; 60: 314-319. 189 citations. Influential to National Awareness and Early Detection and Initiative.

5) Corner, J., Hopkinson, J. and Roffe, L. (2006) Experiences of health changes and reasons for delay in seeking care: a UK study of the months prior to the diagnosis of lung cancer. Social Science and Medicine,63 (doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.200

5.08.012). 143 citations. Used as underpinning evidence for National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative for England.

6) Corner, J., Wright, D., Hopkinson, J., Gunaratnam, Y., McDonald, J.W., Foster, C. (2007) The research priorities of patients attending UK cancer treatment centres: findings from a modified nominal group study. British Journal of Cancer, 96, 875-881. 103 Citations. Evidence underpinning the National Cancer Survivorship Initiative for England as well as research strategy for National Cancer Research Institute

7) Corner J, Wagland R, Glaser A, Richards M (2013) Qualitative analysis of patients’ feedback from a PROMS survey of cancer patients in England. BMJ Open. 2013;3 e002316 doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2012-002316.

8) Downing A, Morris E J, Richards M, Corner J, Wright P, Sebag-Montifiore S, Finan P, Kind P, Wood C, Lawton S, Feltblower R, Wagland R, Vernon S, Thomas J, Glaser A. (2015) Health-related quality of life following colorectal cancer in England: A patient reported outcomes study 12-36 months post diagnosis. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 33(6) 616-624. 47 citations.

9) Wagland R, Recio-Saucedo A, Simon M, Bracher M, hunt K, Foster C, Downing A, Glaser A, Corner J (2016) Development and testing of a text-mining approach to analyse patients’ comments on their experiences of colorectal cancer. BMJ Quality and Safety. 25 (8) 604-614. DOI:10.1007/s00520-3044-7

10) Wagland R, Brindle L, Ewings S, James E, Moore M, Equeda A I, Corner J (2016). Promoting help seeking in response to symptoms amongst primary care patients at high risk of lung cancer.


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