Andrew Ian Cooper - Biography#

Prof. Cooper is an international leader in materials chemistry (h-index = 74; 18,483 citations; 2812 citations in 2016; Google Scholar, 5/3/2017). He was the founding Director of the Centre for Materials Discovery (2005–2016), and in 2012 he led a successful £68 M bid in the UK RPIF competition to establish the Materials Innovation Factory, a centre of excellence in Materials Chemistry, where he is the academic director.

He has received flagship EPSRC funding (e.g., Programme Grant 2009–2014, EP/H000925/1) and through the Leverhulme Centre for Functional Materials Design (£10 M, 2016–2026), which he leads as Director. He was also awarded an ERC Advanced Investigator Grant (Robust Organic Tectonics, RobOT, 2013–2018) in crystal engineering.

Cooper is an enthusiastic mentor for the next generation of research scientists and since 2014 has given a seminar on the subject of Research Leadership at a variety of early career researcher events across the world. Within the first 16 years of his independent career he has supervised a total of 30 Ph.D. students, 60 Postdoctoral Researchers, and 10 other technical staff.
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