Sandro Conticelli - Selected Publications#

Günther J., Prelević D., Mertz D., Rocholl A., Mertz-Kraus R., Conticelli S. (2023). Subduction-legacy and Olivine Monitoring for Mantle-heterogeneities of the Sources of Ultrapotassic Magmas: The Italian case study. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems - “G-cubed”, 24, e2022GC010709. Cited by 1 (Scholar)

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Agostini S., Di Giuseppe P., Manetti P., Doglioni C., Conticelli S. (2021). A heterogeneous subcontinental mantle under the African-Arabian plate boundary revealed by Boron and radiogenic isotopes. Scientific Reports - Nature, 11, Article Number: 11230. Cited by 6 (Scholar)

Casalini M., Avanzinelli R., Tommasini S., Natali C., Bianchini G., Prelević D., Mattei M., Conticelli S. (2021). Petrogenesis of Mediterranean lamproites and associated rocks: the role of overprinted metasomatic events in the postcollisional lithospheric upper mantle. In: “Lamprophyres, Lamproites and Related Rocks: Tracers to Supercontinent Cycles and Metallogenesis”, L. Krmíček and N.V. Chalapathi Rao (edts.), Geological Society of London, Special Publication 513, 271-296. Cited by 13 (Scholar)

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Casalini M., Avanzinelli R., Elliot T.S., Tommasini S., Conticelli S. (2019). Ce/Mo and Molybdenum Isotope Systematics in Subduction‐related Orogenic Potassic Magmas of Central‐Southern Italy. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems - “G-cubed” vol. 20, Article Number: 8193 Cited by 24 (Scholar)

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Casalini M., Avanzinelli R., Heumann A., De Vita S., Sansivero F., Conticelli S., Tommasini S. (2017). Geochemical and radiogenic isotope probes of Ischia volcano, Southern Italy: constraints on magma chamber dynamics and residence time. American Mineralogist, 102, 262–274. Cited by 14 (Scholar)

Ammannati E., Jacob D.E., Avanzinelli R., Foley S.F., Conticelli S. (2016). Low Ni olivine in silica-undersaturated ultrapotassic igneous rocks as evidence for carbonate metasomatism in the mantle. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 444, 64–74. Cited by 89 (Scholar)

Marchionni S., Buccianti A., Bollati A., Braschi E., Cifelli F., Molin P., Parotto M., Mattei M., Tommasini S., Conticelli S. (2016). Conservation of 87Sr/86Sr isotopic ratios during the winemaking processes of ‘Red’ wines to validate their use as geographic tracer. Food Chemistry, 190, 777-785. Cited by 55 (Scholar)

Conticelli S., Avanzinelli R., Ammannati E., Casalini M. (2015). The role of carbon from recycled sediments in the origin of ultrapotassic igneous rocks in the Central Mediterranean. Lithos, 232, 174-196. Cited by 86 (Scholar)

Porreca M., Cifelli F., Soriano C., Giordano G., Romano C., Conticelli S., Mattei M. (2014). Hyaloclastite fragmentation below the glass transition: example from El Barronal submarine volcanic complex (Spain). Geology, 42, 87-90. Cited by 17 (Scholar)

Conticelli S., Avanzinelli R., Poli G.E., Braschi E., Giordano G. (2013). Shift from lamproite-like to leucititic rocks: Sr–Nd–Pb isotope data from the Monte Cimino volcanic complex vs. the Vico stratovolcano, Central Italy. Chemical Geology, 353, 246-266. Cited by 76 (Scholar)

Avanzinelli R., Sapienza G.T., Conticelli S. (2012). The Cretaceous to Paleogene within-plate magmatism of Pachino-Capo Passero (southeastern Sicily) and Adria (La Queglia and Pietre Nere, southern Italy): geochemical and isotopic evidence against a plume-related origin of circum-Mediterranean magmas. European Journal of Mineralogy, 24, 73-96. Cited by 30 (Scholar)

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Conticelli, Sandro, Marinella A. Laurenzi, Guido Giordano, Massimo Mattei, Riccardo Avanzinelli, Leone Melluso, Simone Tommasini et al. "Leucite-bearing (kamafugitic/leucititic) and-free (lamproitic) ultrapotassic rocks and associated shoshonites from Italy: constraints on petrogenesis and geodynamics." Journal of the Virtual Explorer 36, no. 20 (2010): 1-95. Cited by 88 (Scholar)

Avanzinelli R., Lustrino M., Mattei M., Melluso L., Conticelli S. (2009). Potassic and ultrapotassic magmatism in the circum-Tyrrhenian region: the role of carbonated pelitic vs. pelitic sediment recycling at destructive plate margin. Lithos, 113, 213-227. Cited by 201 (Scholar)

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Boari E., Laurenzi M.A., Tommasini S., Conticelli S. (2009). Transition from ultrapotassic kamafugitic to sub-alkaline magmas: Sr, Nd, and Pb isotope, trace element and 40Ar-39Ar age data from the Middle Latin Valley volcanic field, Roman Magmatic Province, Central Italy. Journal of Petrology, 50, 1327-1357. Cited by 88 (Scholar)

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Conticelli, S., D'Antonio, M., Pinarelli, L., & Civetta, L. (2002). Source contamination and mantle heterogeneity in the genesis of Italian potassic and ultrapotassic volcanic rocks: Sr±Nd±Pb isotope data from Roman Province and Southern Tuscany. Mineralogy and Petrology, 74, 189-222. Cited by 250 (Scholar)

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Pecchioni E., Cantisani E., Pallecchi P., Fratini F., Buccianti A., Pandeli E., Rescic S., Conticelli S. (2007). Characterization of Amphorae, Stones Ballast, and Stowage Materials of the Ships from the Archaeological Site of Pisa-San Rossore, Italy: Inferences on their provenance and possible trading routes. Archaeometry, 1-22. Cited by 25 (Scholar)

Conticelli S., Carlson R.W., Widom E., Serri G. (2007). Chemical and isotopic composition (Os, Pb, Nd, and Sr) of Neogene to Quaternary calc-alkalic, shoshonitic, and ultrapotassic mafic rocks from the Italian peninsula: Inferences on the nature of their mantle sources. In: “Cenozoic Volcanism in the Mediterranean Area”, Beccaluva, L., Bianchini, G., and Wilson, M. (eds), Geological Society of America, Special Paper of GSA, 418, 171-202. Cited by 105 (Scholar)

Francalanci L., Davies G.R., Lustenmhower W., Tommasini S., Mason P.R.D., Conticelli S. (2005). Intra-grain Sr Isotope Evidence for Crystal Recycling and Multiple Magma Reservoirs in the Recent Activity of Stromboli Volcano, Southern Italy. Journal of Petrology, 46, 1997-2021. Cited by 99 (Scholar)

Francalanci L., Tommasini S., Conticelli S. (2004). The volcanic activity of Stromboli in the 1906-1998 A.D. period: mineralogical, geochemical and isotope data relevant to the understanding of Strombolian activity. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal, 131, 179-211. Cited by 152 (Scholar)

Corti G., Bonini M., Conticelli S., Innocenti F., Manetti P., Sokoutis D. (2003). Analogue modelling of continental extension: a review focused on the relations between the patterns of deformation and the presence of magma. Earth-Science Reviews 63, 169-247. Cited by 380 (Scholar)

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