Elena Conti - Selected publications#

Halbach F., Reichelt P., Rode M. and Conti E. (2013). The yeast Ski complex: crystal structure and substrate channeling to the exosome. Cell 154, 814-826.

Makino D.L., Baumgärtner M. and Conti E. (2013). Crystal structure of an RNA-bound 11-subunit eukaryotic exosome complex. Nature 495, 70-75.

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Basquin J., Roudko V.V., Rode M., Basquin C., Seraphin B. and Conti E. (2012). Architecture of the nuclease module of the Ccr4-Not complex: the Not1-Caf1-Ccr4 interaction. Mol Cell 48, 1-12.

Chakrabarti S., Jayachandran U., Bonneau F., Fiorini F., Basquin C., Domcke S., Le Hir H. and Conti E. (2011). Molecular mechanisms for the RNA-dependent ATPase activity of Upf1 and its regulation by Upf2. Mol Cell 41, 693-703.

Buchwald G., Ebert J., Basquin C., Sauliere J., Jayachandran U., Bono F., Le Hir H. and Conti E. (2010). Insights into the recruitment of the NMD machinery from the crystal structure of a core EJC-Upf3b complex. Proc. Natl. Acad. USA 107, 10050-10055.

Bonneau F., Basquin J., Ebert J., Lorentzen E. and Conti E. (2009). The yeast exosome functions as a macromolecular cage to channel RNA substrates for degradation. Cell 139, 547-559.

Cook A., Fukuhara N., Jinek M. and Conti E. (2009). Structures of the tRNA export factor in the nuclear and cytosolic states. Nature 461, 60-65.

Jeyaprakash A.A., Klein U.R., Lindner D., Ebert J., Nigg E.A. and Conti E. (2007). Structure of a Survivin-Borealin-INCENP core complex reveals how Chromosomal Passengers travel together. Cell 131, 271-285.

Bono F., Ebert J., Lorentzen E. and Conti E. (2006). The crystal structure of the exon junction complex reveals how it maintains a stable grip on mRNA. Cell 126, 713-725.

Elena Conti is an author of nearly 60 publications (4260 citations, excluding self-citations; H-index: 29
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