Salvatore Coluccia - Selected Publications#

1) Takeuchi, M., Sakamoto, K., Martra, G., Coluccia, S., Anpo, M. Mechanism of photoinduced superhydrophilicity on the TiO2 photocatalyst surface (2005) Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 109 (32), pp. 15422-15428. Cited 63 times. - I.F. 4.033

2) Pastore, H.O., Coluccia, S., Marchese, L. Porous aluminophosphates: From molecular sieves to designed acid catalysts (2005) )Annual Review of Materials Research, 35, pp. 351-395. Cited 70 times. - I.F. 11.219

3) Manzoli, M., Di Monte, R., Boccuzzi, F., Coluccia, S., Kašpar, J. CO oxidation over CuOx-CeO2-ZrO2 catalysts: Transient behaviour and role of copper clusters in contact with ceria (2005) Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 61 (3-4), pp. 192-205. Cited 56 times. - I.F. 3.942

4) Martins, G.A.V., Berlier, G., Coluccia, S., Pastore, H.O., Superti, G.B., Gatti, G., Marchese, L. Revisiting the nature of the acidity in chabazite-related silicoaluminophosphates: Combined FTIR and29Si MAS NMR study (2007) Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 111 (1), pp. 330-339. Cited 14 times. - I.F. 3.396

5) Bertinetti, L., Tampieri, A., Landi, E., Ducati, C., Midgley, P.A., Coluccia, S., Martra, G. Surface structure, hydration, and cationic sites of nanohydroxyapatite: UHR-TEM, IR, and microgravimetric studies (2007) Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 111 (10), pp. 4027-4035. Cited 25 times. - I.F.3.396

6) Bisio, C., Gatti, G., Boccaleri, E., Marchese, L., Bertinetti, L., Coluccia, S. On the acidity of saponite materials: A combined HRTEM, FTIR, and solid-state NMR study (2008) Langmuir, 24 (6), pp. 2808-2819. Cited 13 times. - I.F.4.009

7) Carniato, F., Bisio, C., Gatti, G., Boccaleri, E., Bertinetti, L., Coluccia, S., Monticelli, O., Marchese, L. Titanosilsesquioxanes embedded in synthetic clay as a hybrid material for polymer science (2009) Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 48 (33), pp. 6059-6061. Cited 9 times. - I.F. 11.025

8) Carniato, F., Bisio, C., Paul, G., Gatti, G., Bertinetti, L., Coluccia, S., Marchese, L. On the hydrothermal stability of MCM-41 mesoporous silica nanoparticles and the preparation of luminescent materials (2010) Journal of Materials Chemistry, 20 (26), pp. 5504-5509. Cited 4 times. - I.F. 4.795

9) Minella, M., Faga, M.G., Maurino, V., Minero, C., Pelizzetti, E., Coluccia, S., Martra, G. Effect of fluorination on the surface properties of titania P25 powder: An FTIR study (2010) Langmuir, 26 (4), pp. 2521-2527. Cited 19 times. - I.F. 4.347

10) Gianotti, E., Shetti, V.N., Manzoli, M., Blaine, J.A.L., Pearl Jr., W.C., Adams, R.D., Coluccia, S., Raja, R. Synergistic behavior of bimetallic rhenium cluster catalysts: Spectroscopic investigation into the nature of the active site (2010) Chemistry - A European Journal, 16 (27), pp. 8202-8209. Cited 1 time. - I.F. 5.476
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