Fausto Colombo - Selected Publications#

Colombo, F. (2020). Ecologia dei media. Manifesto per una comunicazione gentile (Ecology of Media. A Manifesto for a “Gentle” Communication, Vita e Pensiero, Milano

Colombo, F. (2019). The generational role of media and social memory: a research agenda COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI, 2, 215-231

Colombo, F. (2019). The Cultural Industry of Italy in the First Phase of the Republic. In:Colombo F. (ed.), Media and Communication in Italy. Historical and Theoretical Perspectives.p. 56-76, Vita e Pensiero, Milano

Colombo, F., P. Aroldi, S. Carlo, (2018). "I use it correctly!": The use of ICTs among Italian grandmothers in a generational perspective. HUMAN TECHNOLOGY, vol. 14, pp. 343-365

Colombo, F. (2018). Reviewing the cultural industry: from creative industries to digital platforms. COMMUNICATION & SOCIETY, vol. 31, pp. 135-146

Colombo, F., M. F. Murru, (2018). The parabola of photography, between theories and practices. PROBLEMI DELL'INFORMAZIONE, vol. 2018, 1, pp. 7-32

Colombo, F. (2014). Wrong turns towards revolution? Grassroots media and political participation in Italy (1967-2012). In Cm. Communication Management, , vol. 9, pp. 55-78

Colombo, F. (2014) "Too Easy to Say Blog: Paradoxes of Authenticity on the Web". In xxxxx (ed.) Media Practice and Everyday Agency in Europe, Lumiere, Bremen, pp. 297 - 307

Colombo, F., C Simone & P. Aroldi (2014). "'Stay Tuned': The Role of ICTs in Elderly Life". In Riva, G., Ajmone Marsan, P., Grassi, C. (eds) Active Ageing and Healthy Living, IOS Press, Amsterdam, pp. 145-156

Colombo, F. & P. Aroldi (2013). "Questioning ‘digital global generations’. A critical approach", in Northern Lights, vol. 11(1), pp. 175-190

Colombo, F. (2013) Il potere socievole. Storia e critica dei social media, Bruno Mondadori, Milano

Colombo, F. & G. Gili (2012). Comunicazione, cultura, società. L’approccio sociologico alla relazione comunicativa, La Scuola, Brescia

Colombo, F. & L. Fortunati (eds) (2011). Broadband Society and Generational Changes, Peter Lang, Berlin

Colombo, F. co-ed with N. Vittadini (2006). Digitising TV, theoretical Issues and Comparative Studies across Europe, Vita e Pensiero, Milano

Colombo, F. (2004). Tv and Interactivity in Europe. Mythologies, Perspectives, Real Experiences (ed.) Vita e pensiero, Milano

Colombo, F. (1998). La cultura sottile. Media e industria culturale in Italia dall’Ottocento agli anni Novanta (The soft culture. Media and Cultural Industry from the Nineteenth Century to the Nineties), Bompiani, Milano

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