Nili Cohen - Selected Publications#

N. Cohen, From the Common Law to the Civil Law – The Experience of Israel, Precontractual Liability in European Private Law 398-430, John Cartwright and Martijn Hesselink eds, Cambridge University Press (2008)

N. Cohen, Distributive Justice in the Enforcement of Contracts, Festschrift fuer Gunter Kuehne: 971-1003, Verlag Recht und Wirtschaft (2009)

N. Cohen, Name, Memory, Law, Culture, Memory, History, Anita Shapira Book 27-51 (2012) (Hebrew)

N. Cohen, Law, Play, Game - The "Merchant of Venice" and the "Breakdown", 51 Hapraklit 407-441 (2012)

N. Cohen, The Slayer Rule, 92 Boston U. L. Rev. 793-810 (2012)

N. Cohen, Privatization and Patriarchy - Sanctions and Education, 27 Israel Studies Review 108-142 (2012)

N. Cohen, Property, Liability, Competition, Law and Business (Hebrew) (2014)

N. Cohen, Love, Story, Law – From the Scarlet Letter to Freedom and Privacy, 28 Law and Literature 209 (2016)

N. Cohen, Love, Literature, Law –Between Documentation and Fiction; Between Privacy and Freedom of Expression, Nili Cohen's Book 237-287 (Hebrew) (2017)

N. Cohen, Contracts between Home and Market, Shtrasberg Cohen Book 419-464 (Hebrew) (2017)

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