Jonathan Clayden - Selected Publications#

1. Reversible capture and release of a ligand mediated by a long-range relayed polarity switch in a urea oligomer
Steven M. Wales, David T. J. Morris and Jonathan Clayden*
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2022, 144, 2841–2846
– the first demonstration that a long-range conformational switch can be used to modulate binding at a distance.

2. A Molecular Communication Channel Consisting of a Single Reversible Chain of Hydrogen Bonds in a Conformationally Flexible Oligomer [1 citation]]
David T. J. Morris, Steven M. Wales, David Tilly, Elliot H. E. Farrar, Matthew N. Grayson, John W. Ward, Jonathan Clayden*, Chem. 2021, 7, 2460-2472.
– a new class of dynamic foldamer, and the first foldamer to display single continuous trains of hydrogen bonds. Accompanied by ‘Highlight’ article in Chem.

3. Asymmetric alpha-Arylation of Amino Acids
Daniel J. Leonard, John W. Ward and Jonathan Clayden*, Nature 2018, 562, 105-109
– The general synthesis of a new family of modified amino acids using a mechanistically remarkable substitution reaction of ureas. Method in use by Iris Biotech to supply commercially a new range of products. Highlighted in Chem. Eng. News, Synfacts.

4. Ligand-modulated conformational switching in a fully synthetic membrane-bound receptor
Francis G. A. Lister, Bryden A. F. Le Bailly, Simon J. Webb and Jonathan Clayden*, Nature Chem. 2017, 9, 420-425.
– Demonstration that synthetic structures embedded in vesicle membranes can receive information from ligand binding and modify their conformation as a result, mimicking the natural G-protein coupled receptor family. Highlighted in Nature Chemistry editorial ‘Sending a message to the other side’ and highlight article ‘Membrane messengers’ .

5. A tendril perversion in a helical oligomer: trapping and characterizing a mobile screw-sense reversal
Michael Tomsett, Irene Maffucci, Bryden A. F. Le Bailly, Liam Byrne, Stefan M. Bijvoets, M. Giovanna Lizio, James Raftery, Craig P. Butts, Simon J. Webb, Alessandro Contini and Jonathan Clayden*, Chem. Sci. 2017, 8, 3007-2018.
– Combined use of synthesis, dynamic NMR and modelling to track a helix reversal shuttling within a foldamer structures.

6. Conformational photoswitching of a synthetic peptide foldamer bound within a phospholipid bilayer
Matteo De Poli, Wojciech Zawodny, Ophélie Quinonero, Mark Lorch, Simon J. Webb and Jonathan Clayden*, Science 2016, 352, 575-580.
– The first ever study of a conformationally defined molecule embedded in a membrane and its ability to switch conformation. Highlighted in Science insights article; identified as a Web of Science 'Hot' and 'Highly cited' article.

7. Medium Ring Nitrogen Heterocycles by Migratory Ring Expansion of Metallated Ureas
Jessica E. Hall, Johnathan V. Matlock, John W. Ward, Katharine V. Gray, Jonathan Clayden*, Angew. Chemie. Int. Ed., 2016, 55, 11153-11157
– A simple, practical way to generate medium ring drug candidate structures by a mechanistically unusual ring expansion. 'VIP' paper.

8. Foldamer-mediated remote stereocontrol: >1,60 asymmetric induction
Liam Byrne, Jordi Solà, Thomas Boddaert, Tommaso Marcelli, Ralph W. Adams, Gareth A. Morris and Jonathan Clayden, Angew. Chemie. Int. Ed. 2014, 53, 151-155
– A paper reporting the longest range asymmetric induction ever observed. Topic of an accompanying 'Highlights' article.

9. End-to-end conformational communication through a synthetic purinergic receptor by ligand-induced helicity switching
Robert A. Brown, Vincent Diemer, Simon J. Webb and Jonathan Clayden*, Nature Chem. 2013, 5, 853-860.
– The first demonstration that a switch in helical preference from left to right can carry information over multi-nanometre distances.

10. Ultra-remote stereocontrol by conformational communication of information along a carbon chain
Jonathan Clayden*, Andrew Lund, Lluís Vallverdú and Madeleine Helliwell, Nature, 2004, 431, 966-971.
– An early Nature paper that cemented Clayden's reputation in the field of remote conformational control. Featured in a Radio 4 Science broadcast, 2006.

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