Christopher Clark - Selected Publications#

Clark, C.D ., Ely, J.C. , Hindmarsh, R.C.A , Bradley, S. , Igneczi, A. , Fabel, D. , Ó Cofaigh, C. , Chiverrell, R.C., Scourse, J., Benetti, S., Bradwell, T., Evans, D.J.A. , Roberts, D.H. , Burke, M., Callard, S.L., Medialdea, A., Saher, M., Small, D. , Smedley, R.K., Gasson, E., Gregoire, L., Gandy, N. , Ballantyne, C., Bateman, M.D. , Bigg, G.R. , Doole, J. , Dove, D., Duller, G.A.T., Hughes, A.L.C., Jenkins G.T.H. , Livingstone, S.L. , McCarron, S., Moreton, S., Pollard, D., Praeg, D. Sejrup, H-P., Van Landeghem, K., and Wilson, P. (in press). Growth and retreat of the last British-Irish Ice Sheet, 31,000 to 15,000 years ago: the BRITICE-CHRONO reconstruction. Boreas.

Clark, C.D., Chiverrell, R.C., Fabel, D., Hindmarsh, R.C.A., Ó Cofaigh, C., Scourse, J.D., 2021. Timing, pace and controls on ice sheet retreat: an introduction to the BRITICE‐CHRONO transect reconstructions of the British–Irish Ice Sheet. Journal of Quaternary Science. 36, 673–680.

Rootes, C.M., Clark, C.D., (2020). Glacial trimlines to identify former ice margins and subglacial thermal boundaries: A review and classification scheme for trimline expression. Earth Science Reviews 210, 103355.

Clark, C. D., Ely, J. C., Greenwood, S. L., Hughes, A. L. C., Meehan, R., Barr, I. D., Bateman, M. D., Bradwell, T., Doole, J., Evans, D. J. A., Jordan, C. J., Monteys, X., Pellicer, X. & Sheehy, M (2018). BRITICE Glacial Map, version 2: A map and GIS database of glacial landforms of the last British-Irish Ice Sheet. Boreas, 47, 11-27.

Stokes, C.R., Margold, M., Clark, C.D. and L. Tarasov, L. (2016). Ice stream activity scaled to ice sheet volume during Laurentide Ice Sheet deglaciation. Nature, 530, 322 – 326.

Sejrup, H.P., Clark, C.D. & Hjelstuen, B.O. (2016). Rapid ice sheet retreat triggered by ice stream de-buttressing: Evidence from the North Sea. Geology, 44, 5, 355 – 358.

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Clark, C.D., Hughes, A.L.C., Greenwood, S.L., Spagnolo, M., & Ng, F.S.L. (2009). Size and shape characteristics of drumlins, derived from a large sample, and associated scaling laws. Quaternary Science Reviews, 28, 677-692.

Clark, C.D., Tulaczyk, S.M., Stokes, C.R., Canals, M., (2003). A groove-ploughing theory for the production of mega-scale glacial lineations, and implications for ice-stream mechanics. Journal of Glaciology, 49, 240-256.

Stokes, C.R. and Clark, C.D. (2001). Palaeo-ice streams. Quaternary Science Reviews, 20, 1437-1457.

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Boulton G.S. & Clark C.D., (1990). A highly mobile Laurentide Ice Sheet revealed by satellite images of glacial lineations, Nature, 346, 813-817.

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