Andrew Clark - Selected Publications#

Clark, A.E., and Georgellis, Y. (2013). "Back to Baseline in Britain: Adaptation in the BHPS". Economica, 80, 496-512.

Boyce, C., Wood, A., Banks, J., Clark, A.E., and Brown, G. (2013). "Money, Well-Being, and Loss Aversion: Does an Income Loss Have a Greater Effect on Well-Being Than an Equivalent Income Gain?". Psychological Science, 24, 2557-2562.

Layard, R., Clark, A.E., Cornaglia, F., Powdthavee, N., and Vernoit, J. (2014). "What Predicts a Successful Life? A Life-Course Model of Wellbeing". Economic Journal, 124, F720- F738.

Apouey, B., and Clark, A.E. (2015). "Winning Big but Feeling No Better? The Effect of Lottery Prizes on Physical and Mental Health". Health Economics, 24, 516–538.

Clark, A.E., and D'Ambrosio, C. (2015). "Attitudes to Income Inequality: Experimental and Survey Evidence". In A. Atkinson and F. Bourguignon (Eds.), Handbook of Income Distribution Volume 2A. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

Clark, A.E., D'Ambrosio, C., and Ghislandi, S. (2016). "Adaptation to Poverty in Long-Run Panel Data". Review of Economics and Statistics, 98, 591–600.

Clark, A.E., Flèche, S., and Senik, C. (2016). "Economic Growth Evens-Out Happiness: Evidence from Six Surveys". Review of Income and Wealth, 62, 405-419.

Clark, A.E. (2016). "SWB as a Measure of Individual Well-Being". In M. Adler and M. Fleurbaey (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Well-Being and Public Policy. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

D’Ambrosio, C., Clark, A.E., and Barazzetta, M. (2018). "Unfairness at Work: Well-Being and Quits". Labour Economics, 51, 307-316.

Clark, A.E., Flèche, S., Layard, R., Powdthavee, N., and Ward, G. (2018). The Origins of Happiness: The Science of Well-Being over the Life-Course. Princeton NJ: Princeton University Press.

96 Publications (73 articles in refereed journals; 2 books and 21 book chapters).
7 200 citations in SSCI; H-index = 32
25 000 citations in Google Scholar; H-index = 52

Three papers cited over 700 times each in the SSCI (Economic Journal, 1994; Journal of Public Economics, 1996; Journal of Economic Literature, 2008).

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