Lena Claesson-Welsh - Selected Publications#

1. Li X*, Padhan N*, et al. Nat Commun. 2016 Mar 23;7:11017. *) Equal contribution.

2. Simons M, et al. VEGF receptor signaling and regulation of the vasculature. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 2016, in press

3. Koch S, et al. Neuropilin-1 presented in trans to the endothelium arrests VEGFR2 endocytosis, preventing angiogenic signaling and tumor initiation. Dev Cell. 2014 Mar 31;28(6):633-46

4. Bentley K, et al. The role of differential VE-cadherin dynamics during angiogenesis. Nat Cell Biol. 2014 Apr;16(4): 309-21

5. Hayashi M, et al. VE-PTP regulates VEGFR2 activity in stalk cells to establish endothelial cell polarity and lumen formation. Nat Commun 2013, 4:1672-86.

6. Welsh M, Claesson-Welsh L. VEGF signaling in tumor anigogenesis J Internal Medicine. J Intern Med. 2013, 273(2):114-27

7. Sun Z, et al. VEGFR2 induces c-Src signaling and vascular permeability in vivo via the adaptor protein TSAd. J Exp Med 2012, 209:1363-77.

8. Tugues S, et al. Genetic deficiency in plasma protein HRG enhances tumor growth and metastasis by exacerbating immune escape and vessel abnormalization. Cancer Res 2012, 15;72(8):1953-63.

9. Rolny C*, Mazzone M*, et al. HRG inhibits tumor growth and metastasis by inducing macrophage polarization and vessel normalization through downregulation of PlGF. Cancer Cell 2011, 19(1):31-44. *) Equal contribution.

10. Nilsson I, et al. VEGF receptor 2/3 heterodimers detected in situ by proximity ligation on angiogenic sprouts.
EMBO J 2010, 29: 1377-88.

Overview of publication records:

No. of publications: >230 as Claesson-Welsh L and Claesson L (PubMed)
No. of citations: > 28700
Hirsch index: 88
Patent applications: 4 granted patents

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