Gabriel Ciobanu - Publications#

The most cited papers/book:

G.Ciobanu, Gh.Paun, M.J.Perez-Jimenez, eds.. Applications of Membrane Computing, Natural Computing Series, Springer, 2006 / 348 citations

G.Ciobanu, L.Pan, Gh.Paun; M.J.Perez-Jimenez. P systems with minimal parallelism. Theoretical Computer Science vol.378: 117-130, 2007 / 113 citations

O.Andrei, G.Ciobanu, D.Lucanu. A Rewriting Logic Framework for Operational Semantics of Membrane Systems. Theor.Comp.Sci. vol.373, 163-181, 2007.

G.Ciobanu, Guo Wenyuan. P systems running on a cluster of computers. Lecture Notes in Computer Science vol.2933, 123-139, 2004 / 102 citations

Two books/monographs published recently by Springer:

A.Alexandru, G.Ciobanu. Finitely Supported Mathematics - An Introduction. Springer 2016.
B.Aman, G.Ciobanu. Mobility in Process Calculi and Natural Computing, Natural Computing Series, Springer, 2011.

Recent articles (last 5 years):

G.Ciobanu, R.Horne, V.Sassone. A descriptive type foundation for RDF Schema. J.Log. Algebr. Meth. Program. 85(5): 681-706 (2016)

B.Aman, G.Ciobanu. Modelling and verification of weighted spiking neural systems. Theor. Comput. Sci. 623: 92-102 (2016)

R.Horne, A.Tiu, B.Aman, G.Ciobanu. Private Names in Non-Commutative Logic. CONCUR 2016, LNCS Springer (2016)

G.Ciobanu, M.Koutny. PerTiMo: A Model of Spatial Migration with Safe Access Permissions. Computer J. 58(5): 1041-1060 (2015)

O.Agrigoroaiei, G.Ciobanu. Rewriting Systems Over Indexed Multisets. Computer J. 57(1): 165-179 (2014)

G.Ciobanu, G.M.Pinna. Catalytic and communicating Petri nets are Turing complete. Inf. Comput. 239: 55-70 (2014)

G.Ciobanu. General patterns of interaction in stochastic fusion. Natural Computing 12(3): 429-439 (2013)

G.Ciobanu, M.Koutny. Modelling and analysis of biological systems (SI). Theor. Comput. Sci. 431: 2-3 (2012)

G.Ciobanu, C.Juravle. Flexible software architecture and language for mobile agents. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience vol.24: 559-571 (2012)

G.Ciobanu, S.N.Krishna. Enhanced mobile membranes: computability results. Theory of Computing Systems vol.48: 715-729 (2011)

Contributing to the Oxford Handbook of Membrane Computing: G.Ciobanu. Semantics of P Systems. Chapter 16 in Oxford Handbook of Membrane Computing, 413-436, Oxford University Press, 2010. Contributing to Scholarpedia: Computational Aspects of Mobile Membranes, Brane Calculi and Mobile Ambients, Scholarpedia, 5(7):9420, 2010.

Overall, 5 books as author, 8 volumes as editor, several special issues of journals devoted to certain workshops,
more than 260 papers published in English (and some papers published in Romanian, mainly before 1994).
According to Scholar Google, the number of citations in over 2350, and h-index is 22.

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