Ciro Ciliberto - Selected Publications#

1) A note on gonality of curves on general hypersurfaces, Boll. UMI, {11} (1), (2018), 31-38 DOI 10.1007/s40574-017-0129-x (in coll. with F. Bastianelli, F. Flamini, P. Supino)

2) Moduli of nodal curves on K3 surfaces, Advances in Mathematics {309} (2017), 624-654 (in coll. with Flaminio Flamini, Concettina Galati, Andreas Leopold Knutsen)

3) Newton-Okounkov bodies sprouting on the valuative tree, Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo Series 2, {66}, (2017), 161-194, (in coll. with M. Farnik, A. K\"uronya, V. Lozovanu, J. Roe and C. Shramov)

4) Cremona linearizations of some classical varieties, in "From Classical to Modern Algebraic Geometry", G. Casnati, A. Conte, L. Gatto, L. Giacardi, M. Marchisio, A. verra Ed., Trends of History of Science, Springer Verlag, pp. 375-408 (in coll. with Maria Angelica Cueto, Massimiliano Mella, Kristian Ranestad, Piotr Zwiernik)

5) On Schoen surfaces, Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici, {90} (2015), 59-74 (in coll. with Margarida Mendes Lopes, Xavier Roulleau)

6) Genera of curves on a very general surface in P^3, International Mathematics Research Notices, 2015 (22)(2015) 12177-12205 (in coll. with Flaminio Flamini, Mikhail Zaidenberg)

7) The classification of minimal irregular surfaces of general type with K^2= 2p_g, Algebraic Geometry 1 (4) (2014), 479-488 (in coll. with M. Mendes Lopes, R. Pardini)

8) Limits of pluri-tangent planes to quartic surfaces, in "Algebraic and Complex Geometry", Springer Proceedings in Math. & Statistics, Vol. 71, 2014, pp. 123--200 (in coll. with Th. Dedieu)

9) On k-gonal loci in Severi varieties on general K3 surfaces and rational curves on hyperkaehler manifolds, J. Math. Pures Appl. 101 (2014) 473-494, (in coll. with A. Knutsen).

10) Abelian varieties in Brill–Noether loci, Advances in Mathematics {257}, 2014, 349--364 (in coll. with M. Mendes Lopes and R. Pardini)

Number of citations according to MathSciNet 1427
H-index according to MathSciNet 20

Number of citations according to Google Scolar 3064
H-index according to Google Scolar 36

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