Daniel Choquet - Selected Publications#

137 publications, 7624 citations; h-Index 50 – ISI, March 2015

1. Hafner, A.S., Penn, A.C., Grillo-Bosch, D., Retailleau, N., Poujol, C., Philippat, A., Coussen, F., Sainlos, M., Opazo, P., and Choquet, D. (2015). Lengthening of the stargazin cytoplasmic tail increases synaptic transmission by promoting interaction to deeper domains of PSD-95. Neuron In press. N/A.
2. Constals, A., Penn, A.C., Compans, B., Toulme, E., Phillipat, A., Marais, S., Retailleau, N., Hafner, A.S., Coussen, F., Hosy, E., and Choquet, D. (2015). Glutamate-Induced AMPA Receptor Desensitization Increases Their Mobility and Modulates Short-Term Plasticity through Unbinding from Stargazin. Neuron 85, 787-803. N/A.
3. Kneussel, M., Triller, A., and Choquet, D. (2014). SnapShot: receptor dynamics at plastic synapses. Cell 157, 1738-1738 e1731. N/A.
4. Sainlos, M., Tigaret, C., Poujol, C., Olivier, N.B., Bard, L., Breillat, C., Thiolon, K., Choquet*, D., and Imperiali*, B. (2011). Biomimetic divalent ligands for the acute disruption of synaptic AMPAR stabilization. Nat Chem Biol 7, 81-91. *Co-last authors. Cited 38 times
5. Opazo, P., Labrecque, S., Tigaret, C.M., Frouin, A., Wiseman, P.W., De Koninck, P., and Choquet, D. (2010). CaMKII Triggers the Diffusional Trapping of Surface AMPARs through Phosphorylation of Stargazin. Neuron 67, 239-252. Cited 106 times
6. Frischknecht+, R., Heine+, M., Perrais, D., Seidenbecher, C.I., Choquet*, D., and Gundelfinger*, E.D. (2009). The brain extracellular matrix limits lateral diffusion of AMPA receptors and modulates short-term synaptic plasticity. Nature Neuroscience 12 897-904.+equal contribution, *co-senior authors. Cited 136 times
7. Petrini, E.M., Lu, J., Cognet, L., Lounis, B., Ehlers, M.D., and Choquet, D. (2009). Endocytic trafficking and recycling maintain a pool of mobile surface AMPA receptors required for synaptic potentiation. Neuron 63, 92-105. Cited 109 times
8. Heine, M., Groc, L., Frischknecht, R., Beique, J.C., Lounis, B., Rumbaugh, G., Huganir, R.L., Cognet, L., and Choquet, D. (2008). Surface mobility of postsynaptic AMPARs tunes synaptic transmission. Science 320, 201-205. Cited 203 times
9. Borgdorff, A.J., and Choquet, D. (2002). Regulation of AMPA receptor lateral movements. Nature 417, 649-653. Cited 271 times
10. Choquet, D., Felsenfeld, D.P., Sheetz, M.P., and M-397 (1997). Extracellular matrix rigidity causes strengthening of integrin-cytoskeleton linkages. Cell 88, 39-48. Cited 791 times
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