Katarzyna Chojnacka - Selected Publications#

1. K. Chojnacka, K. Moustakas, A. Witek-Krowiak Bio-based fertilizers: a practical approach towards circular economy 6.669 Bioresource Technology, 2020, vol. 295, art. 122223, s. 1-50

2. G. Izydorczyk, U. Sienkiewicz-Cholewa, S. Baśladyńska, D. Kocek, M. Mironiuk, K. Chojnacka New environmentally friendly bio-based micronutrient fertilizer by biosorption: from laboratory studies to the field 5.589 Science of the Total Environment, 2020, vol. 710, art. 136061, s. 1-50

3. K. Mikula, G. Izydorczyk, D. Skrzypczak, M. Mironiuk, K. Moustakas, A. Witek-Krowiak, K. Chojnacka Controlled release micronutrient fertilizers for precision agriculture – a review 5.589 Science of the Total Environment, 2020, vol. 712, art. 136365, s. 1-9

4. G. Izydorczyk, D. Skrzypczak, D. Kocek, M. Mironiuk, A. Witek-Krowiak, K. Moustakas, K. Chojnacka Valorization of bio-based post-extraction residues of goldenrod and alfalfa as Energy pellets 5.537 Energy, 2020, vol. 194, art. 116898, s. 1-47

5. K. Chojnacka, Z. Kowalski, J. Kulczycka, A. Dmytryk, H. Górecki, B. Ligas, M. Gramza Carbon footprint of fertilizer technologies 4.865 Journal of Environmental Management, 2019, vol. 231, s. 962-967

6. Z. Witowska, M. Świniarska, M. Korczyński, S. Opaliński, D. Konkol, I. Michalak, A. Saeid, M. Mironiuk, K. Chojnacka Biofortification of hens’ eggs with microelements by innovative bio-based dietary supplement 1.703 Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition, 2019, vol. 103, nr 2, s. 485-492

7. K. Chojnacka, K. Gorazda, A. Witek-Krowiak, K. Moustakas Recovery of fertilizer nutrients from materials – contradictions, mistakes and future trends 10.556 Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2019, vol. 110, s. 485-498

8. D. Skrzypczak, A. Witek-Krowiak, A. Dawiec-Liśniewska, D. Podstawczyk, K. Mikula, K. Chojnacka Immobilization of biosorbent in hydrogel as new environmentally friendly fertilizer for micronutrients delivery 6.395 Journal of Cleaner Production, 2019, vol. 241, art. 118387, s. 1-12

9. K. Chojnacka, M. Mikulewicz Green analytical methods of metals determination in biosorption studies 8.428 Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 2019, vol. 116, s. 254-265

10. M. Popko, I. Michalak, R. Wilk, M. Gramza, K. Chojnacka, H. Górecki Effect of the new plant growth biostimulants based on amino acids on yield and grain quality of winter wheat 3.060 Molecules, 2018, vol. 23, nr 2, art. 470, s. 1-13

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