Lifeng Chi - Selected Publications#

Prof. Lifeng Chi has published ca. 400 papers in international journals, plus 9 book chapters, 1book (Editor), with a total of over 12,700 citations and an H index of 60 (Web of Science). (Google Scholar Citations: 13758 citations, H-index 62)

[1] Q.G. Zhong, Y.B. Hu, K.F. Niu, H.M. Zhang, B. Yang, D. Ebeling, J. Tschakert, T. Cheng, A. Schirmeisen, A. Narita,* K. Müllen,* L.F. Chi1*, “Benzo-Fused Periacenes or Double Helicenes? Different Cyclodehydrogenation Pathways on Surface and in Solution”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 141(2019) 7399-7406

[2] K. Sun, A. Chen, M. liu, H. Zhang*, R. Duan, P. Ji, L. Li, Q. Li, C. Li, D. Zhong, K. Müllen and L.F. Chi*, “Surface-assisted alkane polymerization: Investigation on structure-reactivity relationship”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140 (2018) 4820-4825

[3] Q. Li, B. Yang, J. Björk, Q. Zhong, H. Ju, J. Zhang, N. Cao, Z. Shi, H. Zhang, D. Ebeling, A. Schirmeisen, J. Zhu and L.F. Chi*, “Hierarchical dehydrogenation reactions on a copper surface”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140 (2018) 6076-6082

[4] Q. Zhong, D. Ebeling*, J. Tschakert, Y. Gao, D. Bao, S. Du*, C. Li, L.F. Chi*, A. Schirmeisen, “Symmetry breakdown of 4,4″-diamino-p-terphenyl on a Cu(111) surface by lattice mismatch”, Nature Communications, 9 (2018) 3277

[5] Z. Wang, L. Huang, X. Zhu, X. Zhou and L.F. Chi*, “An ultrasensitive organic semiconductor NO2 sensor based on crystalline TIPS-pentacene films”, Advanced Materials, 29 (2017) 1703192-1703197

[6] Q. Li, B. Yang, H.P. Lin, N. Aghdassi, K.J. Miao, J.J. Zhang, H.M. Zhang, Y.Y. Li, S. Duhm, J. Fan* and L.F. Chi*, “Surface-controlled mono/diselective ortho C-H bond activation”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138 (2016) 2809-2814

[7] B. Yang, H.P. Lin, K.J. Miao, P. Zhu, L.B. Liang, K.W. Sun, H.M. Zhang, J. Fan, V. Meunier, Y.Y. Li, Q. Li* and L.F. Chi*. “Catalytic dealkylation of ethers to alcohols on metal surfaces”, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 55 (2016) 9881-9885

[8] B. Yang, J. Björk, H.P. Lin, X.Q. Zhang, H.M. Zhang, Y.Y. Li, J. Fan, Q. Li* and L.F. Chi*, “Synthesis of surface covalent organic frameworks via dimerization and cyclotrimerization of acetyls”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137 (2015) 4904-4907

[9] H.M. Zhang, H.P. Lin, K.W. Sun, L. Chen, Y. Zagranyarski, N. Aghdassi, S. Duhm, Q. Li, D.Y. Zhong, Y.Y. Li, K. Müllen*, H. Fuchs* and L.F. Chi*, “On-surface synthesis of rylene-type graphene nanoribbons”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137 (2015) 4022-4025

[10] 7. D.Y. Zhong, J.H. Franke, S.K. Podiyanachari, T. Blömker, H.M. Zhang, G. Kehr, G. Erker*, H. Fuchs* and L.F. Chi*, “Linear alkane polymerization on a gold surface”, Science, 334 (2011) 213-216

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