Jinjun Chen - Selected Publications#

Privacy protection has become an increasingly challenge in open online environment such as cloud computing or blockchain environment given that more and more user data is being hosted there. Scalable efficient privacy protection focuses on developing innovative approaches to enable timely protection of user privacy as users would prefer their privacy to be protected as soon as possible. Professor Chen is among early researchers to develop scalable privacy solutions, and his research has achieved fast-growing citations: total 13500+, h-index 69 (Google Scholar). Some main representative works are listed as follows.

[1] M. Hassan, M. Rehmani, and J. Chen, DEAL: Differentially Private Auction for Blockchain based Microgrids Energy Trading, IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 13(2): 263-275, 2020.

[2] Z. Cui, F. Xue, S. Zhang, X. Cai, Y. Cao, W. Zhang, J. Chen, A Hybrid BlockChain-Based Identity Authentication Scheme for Multi-WSN, IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 13(2): 241-251, 2020.

[3] Xuyun Zhang, Laurence T. Yang, Chang Liu, and Jinjun Chen, A Scalable Two-Phase Top-Down Specialization Approach for Data Anonymization Using MapReduce on Cloud, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 25(2):363-373, 2014.

[4] M. Usman, M. Jan, X. He and J. Chen, P2DCA: A Privacy-Preserving-based Data Collection and Analysis Framework for IoMT Applications, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 37(6): 1222-1230, 2019.

[5] Z. Cui, F. Xue, Y. Cao, X. Cai, G. Wang, J. Cai and J. Chen, Detection of Malicious Code Variants Based on Deep Learning, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 14(7): 3187–3196, 2018.

[6] M. Hassan, M. Rehmani, and J. Chen, Differential Privacy Techniques for Cyber Physical Systems: A Survey, IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, 22(1): 746-789, 2020.

[7] X. Cai, S. Geng, D. Wu, J. Cai and J. Chen, A Multi-cloud Model based Many-objective Intelligent Algorithm for Efficient Task Scheduling in Internet of Things, IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 8(12): 9645-9653, 2021.

[8] C. Liu, L. Zhu, X. He and J. Chen, Enabling Privacy-Preserving Shortest Distance Queries on Encrypted Graph Data, IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, 18 (1), 192-204, 2021.

[9] D. Puthal, X. Wu, S. Nepal, R. Ranjan and J. Chen, SEEN: A Selective Encryption Method to Ensure Confidentiality for Big Sensing Data Streams, IEEE Transactions on Big Data, 5(3): 379 – 392, 2019.

[10] W. Wang, P. Xu, Laurence T. Yang. Yang and J. Chen, Cloud-Assisted Key Distribution in Batch for Secure Real-time Mobile Services, IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 11(5): 850–863, 2018.

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