Jérôme Chave - Selected Publications#

J. Chave, C. Andalo, S. Brown, M.A. Cairns, J.Q. Chambers, D. Eamus, H. Fölster, F. Fromard, N. Higuchi, T. Kira, J.-P. Lescure, H. Puig, B. Riéra, T. Yamakura. 2005. Tree allometry and improved estimation of carbon stocks and balance in tropical forests. Oecologia 145, 87-99

J. Chave, H. Muller-Landau and S. Levin. 2002. Comparing classical community models: Theoretical consequences for patterns of diversity. American Naturalist 159, 1-23.

J Chave 2013. The problem of pattern and scale in ecology: what have we learned in 20 years? Ecology Letters.

J Chave, D Coomes, S Jansen, SL Lewis, NG Swenson, AE Zanne. 2009. Towards a worldwide wood economics spectrum. Ecology Letters, 12, 351-366

J Chave. 2004. Neutral theory and community ecology. Ecology Letters 7, 241-253

L Bardon, J Chamagne, KG Dexter, CA Sothers, GT Prance, J Chave 2013. Origin and evolution of the Chrysobalanaceae family: insights into the evolution of plants in the Neotropics. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 171, 19-37

JI. Dornic, H. Chaté, J.Chave, and H. Hinrichsen. 2001. Critical coarsening without surface tension: the voter universality class. Physical Review Letters 87, 045701

C Baraloto, CET Paine, L Poorter; J Beauchêne, D Bonal, A-M Domenach; B Hérault, S Patino, J-C Roggy, J Chave 2010. Decoupled leaf and stem economics in rain forest trees Ecology Letters 13, 1338-1347

J Chave, D Navarrete, S Almeida, E. Álvarez, L. E. O. C. Aragão, D. Bonal, P. Châtelet, J. E. Silva-Espejo, J.-Y. Goret, P. von Hildebrand, E. Jiménez, S. Patiño, M. C. Peñuela, O. L. Phillips, P. Stevenson, and Y. Malhi 2010. Regional and seasonal patterns of litterfall in tropical South America. Biogeosciences 7, 43-55.

H. ter Steege, NCA Pitman, OL Phillips, J Chave, D Sabatier, A Duque, J-F Molino, M-F Prévost, R Spichiger, H Castellanos, P von Hildebrand, R Vásquez. 2006.Continental-scale patterns of canopy tree composition and function across Amazonia. Nature 443, 444-447
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