Chin-Chen Chang#

Chin-Chen Chang
Membership Number:6299
Membership type:FOREIGN
Main Country of Residence:TAIWAN (R.O.C)

Present and Previous Positions
  • 2005, 02 - present Chair Professor of Institute of Information Engineering and Computer Science, Feng Chia University, Taiwan
  • 2006, 03 - 2012, 03 Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Computers
  • 1998, 07 - 2000, 06 Director of Advisory Office, Ministry of Education, Taiwan
  • 1996, 09 - 1997, 10 Acting President, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
  • 1995, 08 - 1997, 10 Provost and Director of Common Section, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
  • 1994, 05 - 1997, 05 Founding Chair of the Chinese Information Security Association (CISA), Taiwan
  • 1994, 01 - 1997, 12 Associate Editor of Information Sciences, the USA
  • 1992, 08 - 1995, 07 Dean of College of Engineering, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
  • 1989, 08 - 1992, 07 Professor and Director of Institute of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
  • 1987, 10 - 2003, 08 Editor-in-Chief of Information and Education (Bimonthly) Sponsored by Ministry of Education, Taiwan

Fields of Scholarship
  • Data structure and algorithms
  • Steganography
  • E-business security
  • Deep learning
  • Information forensics and security
  • Electronic imaging techniques
  • Database design
  • Image and signal processing
  • Computer cryptography
  • Optimization

Honours and Awards
  • 2021 Stanford University released the list of the top 2% of the world's top scientists in 2021. Professor Chang's career influence ranks 189th in the world among more than 255,000 scientists in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing.
  • 2021 Awarded the title of AAIA Fellow by the Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association in 2021. /*The Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association was founded in 2021. A total of 400 top scientists were elected as fellows in the first year, and only five scientists from Taiwan were awarded this honor. */
  • 2020 Awarded the honorary title of CS Fellow by the Computer Society of the Republic of China in 2020. /*The Computer Society of the Republic of China was founded in June 1966. Since 2013, the title of CS Fellow, when awarded, is awarded annually to the person from academia or industry who has made the most significant contribution to Taiwan’s IT. Previously, three academicians of the Academia Sinica of Taiwan, two Chief Executive of the Executive Yuan, two university presidents, and the chairman of Acer Computer, of Heshuo United Technology, and of ASUS Computer have received this honor. */
  • 2017, 08 Ranked the top computer scientist in Taiwan by Guide2Research which released the world-class 1,000 top scientists in the computer field in August 2017.
  • 2014, 06 Received the IEEE Reliability Society 2014 Leadership Award.
  • 013, 09 Received the first Distinguished Research Award by the IET Society Taipei Branch.
  • 2013, 08 Received the 2012 AsiaJCIS Lifetime Achievement Award. /*This award is given annually to at most one outstanding cryptographic scientist in Asia who is over the age of 60, and Professor Chang is the only recipient of the award who has ever been recommended for this award while under the age of 60.*/
  • 2013, 01 Awarded the Distinguished Lecturer Medal by the IET Society Taipei Branch.
  • 2011, 03 Received the Top Cited Paper Award by the 2005-2010 Pattern Recognition Letters Journal.
  • 2011, 03 Received the "Information Honor Medal of 2010”, the highest honor of the Information Society of the Republic of China. /*Awarded annually in Taiwan to the person who has made the most contribution to Taiwan IT.*/
  • 2010, 08 Achieved runner-up status in the Most Prolific DBLP Authors in the world.
  • 2009, 06 Selected by the Journal of Systems and Software as the world's top fifteen scholars in the field of systems and software engineering during the years of 2002 and 2006 (published in JSS, Vol. 82, 2009, pp. 1370–1373 ).
  • 2003, 06 Awarded the 2003 Pan Wen-yuan Cultural and Educational Foundation Research Excellence Award. /*This award is given to the most outstanding Chinese computer scientists in the world, with a maximum of 5 people per year; one of the co-winners is Academician Yao Qi-zhi, Turing Award 2000 winner*/
  • 2002, 11 Received the 2002 TECO Technology Award. /*The award is given to at most one person every year who has made outstanding contributions to the development of Electronic Engineering/Computer Engineering/Commutation Engineering in Taiwan. */
  • 2002, 05 Selected by the Journal of Systems and Software as the world's top fifteen top scholars in the field of systems and software engineering during the years of 1997 and 2001 (published in JSS, Vol.64, 2002, pp.79-86).
  • 2000, 09 Elected as an IET FELLOW of the British Institution of Electrical Engineers.
  • 1999, 11 Awarded "Distinguished Talents Lecturer" by the Li Yuan-zhe, Nobel Prize winner, Outstanding Talents Development Foundation (for five consecutive years since November 1999)
  • 1998, 11 Elected as an IEEE FELLOW.
  • 1986 - 1988, 1988 - 1990, 1990 - 1992, 1992 - 1994 and 1994 - 1996 Received five consecutive Outstanding Research Awards (Information Engineering) by the National Science Council of the Executive Yuan. /*Professor Chang is the scholar who has received this award the most times in Taiwan*/
  • 1984 Awarded the "First National Top Ten Outstanding Information Science Talents" by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1984.

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