Carlo Giovanni Cereti - Selected Publications#

Research monographs:

C.G. Cereti, An 18th Century Account of Parsi History - The Qesse-ye Zartoštiān-e Hendustān, IUO, Napoli 1991;

C.G. Cereti, The Zand ī Wahman Yasn. A Zoroastrian Apocalypse, Serie Orientale Roma 75, Roma 1995;

C G. Cereti., La letteratura pahlavi. Introduzione ai testi con riferimenti alla storia degli studi e alla tradizione manoscritta, Milano 2001; revised Persian edition C.G. Cereti., Adabiyāt-e Pahlavi, Tehran 2016.

C.G. Cereti., D. Akbarzadeh and F. Sinisi, Glyptic Antiquities from the Museum of Khoy, Western Azerbaijan, Rome 2009;

Recent articles

A. Asadi and C. G. Cereti, Two New Pahlavi Inscriptions from Fars Province, Iran, in Maria Vittoria Fontana (ed.), Istakhr (Iran) 2011-2016. Historical ad Archaeological Essays, Quaderni di Vicino Oriente XIII-2018, Roma, pp. 87-106.

C. G. Cereti, Two late Pahlavi Inscriptions from the Alburz Mountains: Lājim and Mil-e Rādekān, in J. Hameen-Antilla, Translation and Transmission in the Eastern Mediterranean 500 BC–1500 AD, Munster, 2019, pp. 56-94.

C. G. Cereti, Once more on the Bandiān Inscriptions, in Y. Moradi (ed.), AfarinNameh Essays on the archaeology of Iran in Honour of Mehdi Rahbar, Tehran, 2019, 149-156.

C. G. Cereti, From Middle to New Persian. Written Materials from Northern Iran and Khorasan, Vicino Oriente 23 (2019), pp. 95-107.

C. G. Cereti, Are the Provincial Capitals of Ērānšahr really Provincial Capitals?, Vicino Oriente XXIV (2020), pp. 135-149.

C. G. Cereti, Remarks on The cities of Ērānšahr and its date in the light of the Xwadāy-nāmag and Sasanian primary sources, in Mohsen Ashtiany and Mauro Maggi (eds), A turquoise coronet: studies in Persian language and literature in honor of Paola Orsatti, Wiesbaden 2021, pp. 79-96.

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