Howard Cedar - Major publications#

1. Gruenbaum, Y., Naveh-Many, T., Cedar, H. and Razin, A. (1981). Sequence specificity of methylation in higher plant DNA. Nature 292, 860-862.

2. Stein, R., Gruenbaum, Y., Pollack, Y., Razin, A. and Cedar, H. (1982). Clonal inheritance of the pattern DNA methylation in mouse cells. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 79, 61-65.

3. Gruenbaum, Y., Cedar, H. and Razin, A. (1982). Substrate and sequence specificity of a eukaryotic DNA methylase. Nature 295, 620-622.

4. Naveh-Many, T. and Cedar, H. (1981). Active gene sequences are undermethylated. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 78, 4246-4250.

5. Pollack, Y., Stein, R., Razin, A. and Cedar, H. (1980). Methylation of foreign DNA sequences in eukaryotic cells. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 77, 6463-6467.

6. Siegfried, Z., Eden, S., Mendelsohn, M., Feng, X., Tzubari, B. and Cedar, H. (1999). DNA methylation represses transcription in vivo. Nature Genet. 22, 203-206.

7. Keshet, I., Lieman-Hurwitz, J. and Cedar, H. (1986). DNA methylation affects the formation of active chromatin. Cell 44, 535-543.

8. Brandeis, M., Frank, D., Keshet, I., Siegfried, Z., Mendelsohn, M., Nemes, A., Temper, V., Razin, A. and Cedar, H. (1994). Sp1 elements protect a CpG island from de novo methylation. Nature 371, 435-438.

9. Yisraeli, J., Adelstein, R.S., Melloul, D., Nudel, U., Yaffe, D. and Cedar, H. (1986). Muscle-specific activation of a methylated chimeric actin gene. Cell 46, 409-416.

10. Schlesinger, Y., Straussman, R., Keshet, I., Farkash, S., Hecht, M., Zimmerman, J., Eden, E., Yakhini, Z., Ben-Shushan, E., Reubinoff, B.E., Bergman, Y., Simon, I. and Cedar, H. (2007). Polycomb mediated histone H3(K27) methylation pre-marks genes for de novo methylation in cancer. Nature Genet. 39, 232-236.

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