Roberto Casati - Selected Publications#

Casati, R. 2016 , “Two, then Four Modes of functioning of the mind: towards an unification of “dual” theories of reasoning and theories of cognitive artifacts.” To appear in J. Zacks, H. Taylor, eds., Festschrift for Barbara Tversky.

Casati, R. 2016, “The Structure of Standard Music Notation”. To appear in: Zaibert, L. ed., The Theory and Practice of Ontology. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Casati, R., 2011, Prima Lezione di Filosofia. Roma: Laterza (2nd edition, 2012). (“Book of the Month” of L'indice, May 2011).

Casati, R., 2009, "Does topological perception rest on a misconception about topology?" . Philosophical Psychology, 22, 75–79.

Casati, R., 2003 “Representational Advantages”, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, 103, 281-298.

Casati, R., 2003, The shadow club. New York: Knopf. Originally La scoperta dell'ombra / The discovery of the shadow,

Milan, Mondadori, 2000). Reprinted as Shadows, New York: Vintage. Premio Fiesole Speciale 2000, Premio Castiglioncello di Filosofia 2001, Prix de la science se livre 2003. Translated into Dutch (Amsterdam : De Bezige Bij, 2001), French (Paris : Albin Michel, 2002), German(Berlin : Berlin Verlag, 2001) , Portuguese (São Paulo : Companhia das Letras, 2001), Spanish (Madrid : Debate 2001), Greek (Ekdoseis).

Casati, R. Varzi, A.C., 1999, Parts and Places: Structures in Spatial Representation, Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press/Bradford Books, ca. 200 pp.

Casati, R. Varzi, A.C., 1994, Holes and Other Superficialities. Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press [Some Reviews: T. Banchoff, Nature, vol. 368, 1994, p. 374; D. and S. Lewis, Philosophical Review, vol. 105, 1996, pp. 77-79; D. M. Armstrong, The Journal of Philosophy, 93, 1996, 585-86; D. Hofstadter, Lingua Franca, February 1996, p. 16; P. Simons, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 1997.]] Translated into Italian (Milan: Garzanti, 1996).

Casati, R., Dokic, J., 1994, La philosophie du son [The Philosophy of Sound]], Nîmes: Chambon.

Casati, R., 1990, L'immagine [Pictures]]. Florence: La Nuova Italia.

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