Maria da Graça Carvalho - Selected Publications#

Pereira, S., Costa, M., Carvalho, M.G. and Rodrigues, A., Potential of poplar short rotation coppice cultivation for bioenergy in Southern Portugal. Energy Conversion and Management, Volume 125, Pages 242–253, October 2016.

Segurado, R., Madeira, J.F.A., Costa, M., Duic, N. and Carvalho, M.G., Optimization of a Wind Powered Desalination and Pumped Hydro Storage System. Applied Engineering, Volume 177, Pages 487-499, September 2016.

Garcia, J.N., Teodoro, F., Cerdeira, R., Coelho L.M.R., Kumar, P. Carvalho, M.G., Developing a Methodology to Predict PM10 Concentrations in Urban Areas using Generalized Linear Models. Environmental Technology, Volume 37, Issue 18, Pages 2316-2325, 2016.

Segurado, R., Costa, M., Duic, N. and Carvalho, M.G., Integrated Analysis of Energy and Water Supply in Islands. Case Study of S. Vciente, Cape Verde. Energy, Volume 92, Pages 639-648, Special Issue, December 2015.

Teodoro, F., Garcia, J.N., Coelho L.M. and Carvalho, M.G., Relating Air Pollution and Respiratory Diseases Occurrences. Proceedings of the International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics 2014 (ICAAM-2014), Volume 1648, Article number 140005, Edited by Simos, T.E. and Tsitouras, C., 2015.

Garcia, J., Cerdeira, R., Coelho, L., Kumar, P. and Carvalho, M.G., Influence of Pedestrian Trajectories on School Children Exposure to PM10. Journal of Nanomaterials, Volume 2014, Article no. 10, January 2014.

Garcia, J.N., Teodoro, M.F., Coelho, L.M. and Carvalho M.G., Empirical Study of Air Quaility in Barreiro City. Proceedings of the International Conference Of Computational Methods In Sciences And Engineering 2014 (Iccmse 2014), Volume 1618, Pages 1009-1012, edited by Simos, T.E., Kalogiratou, Z. and Monovasilis, T., 2014.

Garcia, J., Cerdeira, R., Tavares, N., Coelho, L.M.R., Kumar, P. and Carvalho, M.G., Influence of virtual changes in building configurations of a real street canyon on the dispersion of PM10. Urban Climate, Volume 5, Pages 68-81, October 2013.

Carvalho, MG, Duarte, A., Coelho, J., Costa, M. "Numerical simulation of a reversed flow small-scale Combustor". Fuel Processing Technology Journal. Elsevier, 2013, pp. 126-137

Carvalho, M.G., "EU energy and climate change strategy". Energy, Vol. 40, Issue1, April 2012, pp. 19-22

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