Nancy Cartwright - Curriculum Vitae#

Prof. Cartwright's biography and CV

Nancy Cartwright was born in the US and for the first part of her academic career she taught at Stanford University. In 1991 she moved to the United Kingdom to take a post as Professor of Philosophy at the London School of Economics. She is presently Professor of Philosophy at Durham University and co-director of the Centre for Humanities Engaging Science and Society (CHESS). She is also Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, San Diego, where she spends part of the academic year.

She has authored or co-authored 10 books, in scientific methodology, philosophy of physics, philosophy of economics, causation and evidence based policy. She is the author of well over 150 book chapters and journal articles.

The following is a selection of her grants and funded projects:
  • 2015: H2020-K4U: Knowledge for Use: Making the most of Social Sciences to build better policies (European Commission)
  • 2014: Revitalising the Health Equity Agenda (ESRC)
  • 2010: ‘Choices of Evidence: Tacit Philosophical Assumptions in the Debates within the Campbell Collaboration’, UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (with Eileen Munro and Eleanora Montuschi)
  • 2009: ‘A Theory of Evidence for Use’, British Academy Research Development Award
  • 2009: ‘God’s Order, Man’s Order and the Order of Nature’, John Templeton Foundation (with Eric Watkins)
  • 2007: ‘Evidence for Use: Prolegomena to a Theory of Evidence-Based Education Policy’, Spencer Foundation
  • 2005: ‘Contingency and Dissent in Science’, UK Arts and Humanities Research Board
  • 2004: ‘Biomedical Research: Towards a Well-Ordered Science’, Columbia-LSE Alliance Collaborative Research Fund
  • 2004: ‘Methods for Causal Inference: Status and Health’, British Academy
  • 2003: ‘Causal Pluralism and Causal Inference, with Applications to Health and Status’, U.S. National Science Foundation
  • 2001: ‘Causality: Metaphysics and Methods’, UK Arts and Humanities Research Board
  • 1999: ‘Measurement in Physics and Economics’, Latsis Foundation (co-director)
  • 1995: ‘Philosophy in Economics’, A. K. Knight
  • 1995: ‘The Political Economy of the German Historical School’, History and Economics Centre, Cambridge U., Leverhulme (co-director)
  • 1993: ‘Modelling in Physics and Economics’, Latsis Foundation (co-director)
  • 1986: ‘Causes and Capacities’, U.S. National Science Foundation
  • 1974: ‘Philosophical Analysis of Quantum Mechanics’, U.S. National Science Foundation

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