Federico Capasso - Selected Publications#

Quantum cascade laser, J Faist, F Capasso, DL Sivco, C Sirtori, AL Hutchinson, AY Cho, Science 264 (1994), 553-556 (3988 citations)

Quantum mechanical actuation of microelectromechanical systems by the Casimir force, HB Chan, VA Aksyuk, RN Kleiman, DJ Bishop, F Capasso, Science 291 (2001), 1941-1944 (777 citations)

High-power directional emission from microlasers with chaotic resonators, C Gmachl, F Capasso, EE Narimanov, JU Nöckel, AD Stone, J Faist, ..., Science 280 (1998), 1556-1564

Self-assembled plasmonic nanoparticle clusters, JA Fan, C Wu, K Bao, J Bao, R Bardhan, NJ Halas, VN Manoharan, F. Capasso, Science 328 (2010), 1135-1138

Light propagation with phase discontinuities: generalized laws of reflection and refraction, N Yu, P Genevet, MA Kats, F Aieta, JP Tetienne, F Capasso, Z Gaburro, Science 334 (2011), 333-337

Recent progress in quantum cascade lasers and applications, C Gmachl, F Capasso, DL Sivco, AY Cho, Reports on progress in physics 64 (2001), 1533

Measured long-range repulsive Casimir–Lifshitz forces, JN Munday, F Capasso, VA Parsegian, Nature 457 (2009), 170-173

Plasmonic laser antenna, E Cubukcu, EA Kort, KB Crozier, F Capasso, Applied Physics Letters 89 (2006), 093120

Broadband ZnO single-nanowire light-emitting diode, J Bao, MA Zimmler, F Capasso, X Wang, ZF Ren, Nano letters 6 (2006), 1719-1722

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