Massimo Capaccioli - Selected Publications#

1. Dynamics of early type galaxies. I. The rotation curve of the elliptical galaxy NGC 4697, in: ApJ, vol. 200, p. 439, (1975). - (Bertola, F.; Capaccioli, M.).

2. Luminosity distribution in galaxies. I. The elliptical galaxy NGC 3379 as a luminosity distribution standard, in: ApJS, vol. 40, p. 699, (1979). - (de Vaucouleurs, G.; Capaccioli, M.).

3. International Ultraviolet Explorer observations of M87, in: ApJ, vol. 237, p. 65, (1980). - (Bertola, F.; Capaccioli, M.; Holm, A. V.; Oke, J. B.).

4. Distances of the Virgo and Coma clusters of galaxies through novae and supernovae, in: ApJ, vol. 350, p. 110, (1990). - (Capaccioli, M.; Cappellaro, E.; Della Valle, M.; D'Onofrio, M.; Rosino, L.; Turatto, M.).

5. A Dearth of Dark Matter in Ordinary Elliptical Galaxies, in: Science, vol. 301, p. 1696, (2003). - (Romanowsky, A.J.; Douglas, N.G.; Arnaboldi, M.; Kuijken, K.; Merrifield, M.R.; Napolitano, N.; Capaccioli, M.; Freeman, K.C.)
6. A forming wide polar-ring galaxy at z 0.05 in the VST Deep Field of the Fornax cluster, in: A&A, vol. 574, 8 p., (2015). – (Iodice, E.; Capaccioli, M.; Spavone, M.; Napolitano, N. R.; Grado, A.; Limatola, L.; Cantiello, M.; Schipani, P.).

7. VEGAS-SSS. A VST early-type galaxy survey: analysis of small stellar systems. Testing the methodology on the globular cluster system in NGC 3115, in: A&A, vol. 576, 19 p., (2015). – (Cantiello, M.; Capaccioli, M.; Napolitano, N. R.; Grado, A.; Limatola, L.; Paolillo, M.; Iodice, E.; Romanowsky, A. J.; Forbes, D. A.; Raimondo, G.; Spavone, M.; La Barbera, F.; Puzia, T. H.; Schipani, P.).

8. The first and second data releases of the Kilo-Degree Survey, in: A&A, vol. 582, 62D, (2015), (2015) , (2015) – (de Jong, J. T. A.; Verdoes Kleijn, G. A.; Boxhoorn, D. R.; Buddelmeijer, H.; Capaccioli, M.; and 44 coauthors).

9. VEGAS: A VST Early-type GAlaxy Survey. I. Presentation, wide-field surface photometry and substructures in NGC 4472, in: A&A, vol. 581, 10C, (2015) - (Capaccioli, M.; Spavone, M.; Grado, A.; Iodice, E.; Limatola, L.; Napolitano, N. R.; Cantiello, M.; Paolillo, M.; . Romanowsky, A. J.; Duncan, A. F; Puzia,, T. H.; Raimondo, G.; Schipani, P.).

10. The Fornax Deep Survey with VST. I. The Extended and Diffuse Stellar Halo of NGC 1399 out to 192 kpc, in: ApJ, vol. 820, 42I, (2016) - (Iodice, E.; Capaccioli, M.; Grado, A.; Limatola, L.; Spavone, M.; Napolitano, N. R.; Paolillo, M.; Peletier, R. F.; Cantiello, M.; Lisker, T.; and 6 coauthors).

Scientific metrics for the candidate:

From SAO/NASA ADS (March 1, 2017):
number of refereed publications = 210,
total number of citations = 8522,
H-index = 50.

From Google Scholar (March 6, 2017):
all papers since 2012
citations 9989 2553
index H 53 25
i10-index 167 76

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