Barbara Cannon - Publications#

Author of some 160 original articles and over 100 review articles.
Total number of citations (WoS) = 15 336
H-index = 68 (WoS)
Current number of citations per year (WoS) = 1550 (average of last three years)

Katrin Fischer, Henry H. Ruiz, Kevin Jhun, Brian Finan, Douglas J. Oberlin, Verena van der Heide, Anastasia V. Kalinovich, Natasa Petrovic, Yochai Wolf, Christoffer Clemmensen, Andrew C.Shin, Senad Divanovic, Frank Brombacher, Elke Glasmacher, Susanne Keipert, Martin Jastroch, Joachim Nagler, Karl-Werner Schramm, Dasa Medrikova, Gustav Collden, Stephen C. Woods, Stephan Herzig, Dirk Homann, Steffen Jung, Jan Nedergaard, Barbara Cannon, Matthias H. Tschöp, Timo D. Mueller and Christoph Buettner: Alternatively activated macrophages are unable to synthesize catecholamines and do not contribute to adipose tissue adaptive thermogenesis. Nat. Med. In press (2017).
Times cited N/A

Jasper M. de Jong, Ola Larsson, Barbara Cannon and Jan Nedergaard: A stringent validation of mouse adipose tissue identity markers. Am. J. Physiol. - Endocrinol Metab. 308, E1085-1105 (2015).
Times cited 26

Natasa Petrovic, Tomas B Walden, Irina G Shabalina, James A Timmons, Barbara Cannon, Jan Nedergaard:
Chronic Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor gamma (PPAR gamma) Activation of Epididymally Derived White Adipocyte Cultures Reveals a Population of Thermogenically Competent, UCP1-containing Adipocytes Molecularly Distinct from Classic Brown Adipocytes.
J. Biol. Chem., 285, 7153-7164 (2010).
Times cited 456

Helena M Feldmann, Valeria Golozoubova, Barbara Cannon, Jan Nedergaard:UCP1 Ablation Induces Obesity and Abolishes Diet-induced Thermogenesis in Mice Exempt from Thermal Stress by Living at Thermoneutrality.
Cell Metab., 9, 203-209 (2009).
Times cited 456

Tomas B. Walden, James A. Timmons, Pernille Keller, Jan Nedergaard and Barbara Cannon:
Distinct expression of muscle-specific microRNAs (myomirs) in brown adipocytes.
J Cell Physiol. 218, 444-449 (2009).
Times cited 88

Myogenic gene expression signature establishes that brown and white adipocytes originate from distinct cell lineages.
James A Timmons, Kristian Wennmalm, Ola Larsson, Tomas B Walden, Timo Lassman, Natasa Petrovic, D. Lee Hamilton, Ruth E Gimeno, Claes Wahlestedt, Keith Baar, Jan Nedergaard, Barbara Cannon:
Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, 104, 4401-4406 (2007).
Times cited 332

Thermogenic responses in brown fat cells are fully UCP1-dependent - UCP2 or UCP3 do not substitute for UCP1 in adrenergically or fatty acid-induced thermogenesis
Anita Matthias, Kerstin B E Ohlson, J Magnus Fredriksson, Anders Jacobsson, Jan Nedergaard, Barbara Cannon:
J. Biol. Chem. 275, 25073-25081 (2000).
Times cited 171

Highly cited review articles:

Jan Nedergaard and Barbara Cannon:
The browning of white adipose tissue: some burning issues.
Cell Metab. 20, 396-407 (2014).
Times cited 93

Jan Nedergaard, Tore Bengtsson, Barbara Cannon:
Unexpected evidence for active brown adipose tissue in adult humans
Am. J. Physiol. Endo. Metab., 293, E444-E452 (2007).
Times cited 724

Barbara Cannon, Jan Nedergaard:
Brown adipose tissue: Function and physiological significance.
Physiol. Rev., 84, 277-359 (2004).
Times cited 2170

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