Mirko Canevaro - Publications#

Sample publications:

1. Demostene, Contro Leptine. Introduzione, Traduzione e Commento, De Gruyter (Berlin 2016), 540 pp.

2. Aristotele, Politica IV, Introduzione, traduzione e commento, L’Erma di Bretschneider (Roma 2014) (co-authored with M. Curnis, G. Besso, F. Pezzoli), 100 pp. (279-388) out of 392 written by Canevaro.

3. The Documents in the Attic Orators: Laws and Decrees in the Public Speeches of the Demosthenic Corpus, Oxford University Press (Oxford 2013), 411 pp.

4. Ancient Greek History and Contemporary Social Science, co-edited with A. Erskine, B. Gray and J. Ober, Edinburgh University Press (Edinburgh 2018), 608 pp.

5. The Hellenistic and Early-Roman Reception of Classical Athenian Democracy and Political Thought, co-edited with Benjamin Gray, Oxford University Press (Oxford 2018), 373 pp.

6. ‘The graphê hybreos against slaves: the timê of the victim and that of the hybristês’, Journal of Hellenic Studies 138 (2018) 100-126

7. ‘The rule of law as the measure of political legitimacy in the Greek city states’, 15,000 words, Hague Journal on the Rule of Law (2017) 211-36

8. ‘The popular culture of the Athenian institutions: “authorized” popular culture and “unauthorized” elite culture in Classical Athens’, words, in L. Grig (ed.), Popular Culture in the Ancient World, Cambridge University Press (2016) 39-65

9. ‘Making and changing laws in Ancient Athens’, 22,000 words, in M. Canevaro and E. M. Harris (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Ancient Greek Law, Oxford University Press (published online on Oxford Handbooks Online 2015)

10. ‘The documents in Andocides’ On the Mysteries’, written jointly with E.M. Harris, Classical Quarterly 62/1 (2012) 98-129

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