Bart Cammaerts - Selected Publications#

Cammaerts, Bart (2022) The Abnormalisation of Social Justice: The ‘Anti-Woke Culture War’ Discourse in the UK. In: Discourse & Society 33 (4): Online First.

Cammaerts, Bart (2021): The New-New Social Movements: Are Social Media Changing the Ontology of Social Movements? In: Mobilization: An International Quarterly 26 (3), 343-358

Cammaerts, Bart (2020): The neo-fascist discourse and its normalisation through mediation. In: Journal of Multicultural Discourses 15 (3), 241-256

Cammaerts, Bart et al. (2020): Journalistic transgressions in the representation of Jeremy Corbyn: From watchdog to attackdog. In: Journalism 21 (2), 191-208

Cammaerts, Bart & Mansell, Robin (2020): Digital platform policy and regulation: Toward a radical democratic turn. In: International journal of communication 14, 20: 135 - 154

Cammaerts, Bart, DeCillia, Brooks and Magalhães, João-Carlos (2020) Journalistic Transgressions in the Representation of Jeremy Corbyn: From Watchdogs to Attackdogs. In: Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism 21 (2): 191-208

Cammaerts, Bart (2019): A genealogy of communicative affordances and activist self-mediation practices. In: Stephansen, Hilde C. and Treré, Emiliano, (eds.): Citizen Media and Practice: Currents, Connections, Challenges. Critical Perspectives on Citizen Media. Abingdon: Routledge, 98 - 112.

Cammaerts, Bart (2018): The Circulation of Anti-Austerity Protest. Basingstoke: Palgrave-MacMillan.

Cammaerts, Bart (2018): The mainstreaming of extreme right-wing populism in the Low Countries: what is to be done? In: Communication, Culture & Critique, 11 (1): 7-20.

Cammaerts, Bart, Bruter, Michael, Banaji, Shakuntala, Harrison, Sarah and Anstead, Nick (2015): Youth Participation in Democratic Life: Stories of Hope and Disillusion. Basingstoke: Palgrave-MacMillan.

Cammaerts, Bart (2015) Neoliberalism and the Post-Hegemonic War of Position: The dialectic between invisibility and visibilities, In: European Journal of Communication 30(5): 522-38

Cammaerts, Bart (2015) Pirates on the Liquid Shores of Liberal Democracy: Movement Frames of European Pirate Parties. In: Javnost: The Public 22 (1): 19-36

Banaji, Shakuntala and Cammaerts, Bart (2015) Citizens of Nowhere Land: Youth and News Consumption in Europe. In: Journalism Studies 16 (1): 115-32

Cammaerts, Bart, Bruter, Michael, Banaji, Shakuntala, Harrison, Sarah and Anstead, Nick (2014) The Myth of Youth Apathy: Young Europeans’ critical attitudes towards democratic life. American Behavioral Scientist 58(5): 645-64

Cammaerts, Bart, Matoni, Alice and McCurdy, Partick (eds) (2013) Mediation and Protest Movements. Bristol: Intellect

Cammaerts, Bart (2013) The Mediation of Insurrectionary Symbolic Damage: The 2010 UK Student Protests. In: International Journal of Press/Politics 18 (4): 525-48.

Cammaerts, Bart (2013) Networked Resistance: the case of WikiLeaks. In: Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 18 (4): 420-36.

Cammaerts, Bart (2013) Banal Revolution: the emptying of a political signifier. In: Mediascapes 1 (1): 27-38.

Cammaerts, Bart (2012) The strategic use of metaphors by North-Belgian political and media elites during the 2007-2011 Belgian political crisis. In: International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics 8 (2-3): 229-49.

Cammaerts, Bart (2012) Protest Logics and the Mediation Opportunity Structure. In: European Journal of Communication 27 (2): 117-34 – Best Paper Award 2012

Cammaerts, Bart (2011) The hegemonic copyright-regime vs. the sharing copyright users of music?. in: Media, Culture & Society 33 (3): 491-502.

Cammaerts, Bart (2011) Disruptive Sharing in a Digital Age: Rejecting Neoliberalism?, Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies 25 (1): 47-62.

Cammaerts, Bart (2009) Community Radio in the West: A Legacy of Struggle for Survival in a State and Capitalist Controlled Media Environment, International Communication Gazette 71 (8): 1-20.

Cammaerts, Bart (2009) Radical Pluralism and Free Speech in Online Public Spaces: The case of North-Belgian extreme right discourses, International Journal for Cultural Studies 12 (6): 555-75.

Cammaerts, Bart (2008) Critiques on the Participatory Potentials of Web 2.0. In: Communication, Culture & Critique 1 (3): 358-76.

Bailey, Olga, Cammaerts, Bart and Carpentier, Nico (2008) Understanding Alternative Media. Maidenhead: Open University Press/McGraw & Hill

Cammaerts, Bart (2007) Jamming the Political: Beyond Counter-hegemonic Practices, In: Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies 21 (1): 71-90.

Cammaerts, Bart and Van Audenhove, Leo (2005) Online Political Debate, Unbounded Citizenship and the Problematic Nature of a Transnational Public Sphere. In: Political Communication 22 (2): 179-96.

Carpentier, Nico and Cammaerts, Bart (2006) Hegemony, Democracy, Agonism and Journalism: An Interview with Chantal Mouffe. In: Journalism Studies 7 (6): 964-75.

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