Sir Roy Calne - Selected publications#

  • Calne RY: The rejection ofrenal homografts. Inhibition in dogs by using 6-mercaptopurine. Lancet 1:417, 1960.
  • Calne RY: fuhibition of the rejection of renal homografts in dogs with purine analogues. Transplant.Bull 28:445,1961
  • Hopewell J, Calne RY, Beswick 1 Three clinical cases ofrenal transplantation. Brit.Med.J.1.411, 1964
  • Calne RY, Williams R, Liver transplantation in man -1. Observations on technique and organisation in 5 cases. Brit.Med.J. 4, 535, 1968
  • Calne RY, Sells RA, Pena JR, Davis DR, Millard, PR, Herbertson BMN, Binns RM, Davies DAL. Induction of immunological tolerance by porcine liver allografts. Nature 223:5205, 1969
  • Calne RY, White DJG, Thiru S, Evans DB, McMaster P, Dunn DC, Craddock GN, Pentlow BD, Rolles K: Cyclosporin A in patients receiving renal allografts from cadaver donors. Lancet 2: 323, 1978
  • Calne RY, Collier D, Lim S, Pollard SG, Samaan A, White DJG, Thiru S: Rapamycin for immunosuppression in organ allografting. Lancet 2: 227, 1989
  • Calne RY, Watson CJE, Brons IGM, Makisalo H, Metcalfe SN, Sritwatanawongsa V, Davies HffS. To1erance of porcine renal allografts induced by donor spleen cel1s and seven days' treatment with cyclosporin. Transplantation 57: 1433, 1994
  • Calne RY, Friend PJ, Moffatt S, Bradley A, Hale G, Firth J, Bradley J, Smith K, Waldmann H. Prope: Tolerance, perioperative campath IH, and low-dose cyclosporin monotherapy in renal allograft recipients. Lancet 351: 1701-2,1998.
  • Calne RY, Moffatt SD, Friend PJ, Jamieson NV, Bradley JA, Hale G, Firth J, Bradley J, Smith KGC, Waldmann H. Campath: 1H allows low-dose cyclosporin monotherapy in 31 cadaveric renal allograft recipients. Transplantion 68: 1613-1616, 1999
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