Guido Caldarelli - Selected Publications#

1) The Statistical Physics of Real-World Networks G. Cimini, T. Squartini, F. Saracco, D. Garlaschelli, A. Gabrielli, G. Caldarelli Nature Physics Reviews 1, 52-70 (2019).

2) Physics of Humans, Physics for Society G. Caldarelli, S. Wolf, Y. Moreno Nature Physics 14 870 (2018).

3) Reconstruction methods for networks: the case of economic and financial systems T. Squartini, G. Caldarelli, G. Cimini, A. Gabrielli, D. Garlaschelli Physics Reports 757, 1-47 (2018).

4) Pathways towards instability in Financial Networks M. Bardoscia, S. Battiston, F. Caccioli, G. Caldarelli, Nature Communications 8 14416 (2017)

5) Anatomy of news consumption on Facebook, A.L. Schmidt, F. Zollo, M. Del Vicario, A. Bessi, A. Scala, G. Caldarelli, H.E. Stanley, and W. Quattrociocchi, PNAS 114, 3035-3039 (2017)

6) The Price of Complexity in Financial Networks, S. Battiston, G. Caldarelli, R. May, T. Roukny, J.E. Stiglitz PNAS 113 10031-10035 (2016)

7) The spreading of misinformation online, M. Del Vicario, A. Bessi, F. Zollo, F. Petroni, A. Scala, G. Caldarelli, H.E. Stanley, W. Quattrociocchi PNAS 113 554-559 (2016)

8) Quantifying randomness in complex networks C. Orsini, M. Mitrović Dankulov, A. Jamakovic, P. Mahadevan, P. Colomer-de-Simón, A. Vahdat, K. E. Bassler, Z. Toroczkai, M. Boguñá, G. Caldarelli, S. Fortunato, D. Krioukov Nature Communications 6,8627 (2015)

9) Very Short Introduction to Networks G. Caldarelli, M. Catanzaro Oxford University Press (2012).

10) Scale-free networks from varying vertex intrinsic fitness, G. Caldarelli, A. Capocci, P. De Los Rios, M.A. Muñoz, Physical Review Letters 89, 258702 (2002).


From Google Scholar:

Citations 14451 (7989 from 2015)
H-index 60 (46 from 2015)
i-10 index 152 (109 from 2015)

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