Dr Cakmak published 127 peer-reviewed international journal papers and 7 Book Chapters and edited 3 Journal and one Encyclopedia Special Issues. According to the ISI-Web of Science, the peer-reviewed journal papers received 5250 citations so far (September, 2012) and his Hirsch Index is 40 (see:

Dr Cakmak is known as a leading scientist in plant mineral nutrition, especially in relation to zinc nutrition of crop plants, generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in nutrient-deficient plants and role of plant breeding and agronomy in biofortification (enrichment) of cereal crops with zinc.

The paper entitled "Enrichment of cereal grains with zinc: Agronomic or genetic biofortification?" published by Plant and Soil in 2008 (302: 1-17), one of the leading journals in plant and soil sciences, has received 141 citations within the past 3 years. One of his particular contributions was related to generation and impacts of reactive oxygen species in mineral nutrient deficient plants. His 3 papers on this topic published in Plant Physiology (Cakmak and Marschner, 1992, 98: 1222-1227), Physiologia Plantarum (Cakmak and Horst, 1991, 83: 463-468) and New Phytologist (Cakmak, 2000, 146: 185-205) have received 895 citations so far.

Following 10 publications are listed as the major publications of Dr Cakmak published since 2000. The publications with the numbers of 6 and 9 below are the book chapters, and the remaining papers have been published as research article in peer-reviewed journals.

1) Cakmak I, Kalayci M, Kaya Y, Torun AA, Aydin N, Wang Y, Arisoy Z, Erdem H, Gokmen O, Ozturk L, Horst WJ. 2010: Biofortification and localization of zinc in wheat grain. J. Agric. Food Chem. 58: 9092-9102.

2) Cakmak, I., Pfeiffer, W.H. and McClafferty, B. 2010: Biofortification of durum wheat with zinc and iron. Cereal Chem. 87: 10-20

3) Cakmak, I. 2008: Enrichment of cereal grains with zinc: Agronomic or genetic biofortification? Plant and Soil, 302: 1-17.

4) Cakmak, I and Kirkby EA. 2008: Role of magnesium in carbon partitioning and alleviating photooxidative damage. Physiol. Plant. 133: 692-704

5) Distelfeld, A., Cakmak, I., Peleg, Z., Ozturk, L., Yazici, A. M., Budak, H., Saranga S. and Fahima, T. 2007: Multiple QTL-effects of wheat Gpc-B1 locus on grain protein and micronutrient concentrations Physiol. Plant. 129: 635-643

6) Grusak, M.A. and Cakmak, I. 2005: Methods to improve the crop-delivery of minerals to humans and livestock. In: Plant Nutritional Genomics; Eds.: M. Broadley and P. White. Blackwell Publishing, pp. 265-286, ISBN: 1-4051-2114-9.

7) Cakmak, I., Torun, A., Millet, E., Feldman, M., Fahima, T., Korol, A., Nevo, E., Braun, H.J. and Ozkan, H. 2004: Triticum dicoccoides: An Important genetic resource for increasing zinc and iron concentration in modern cultivated wheat. Soil Sci. Plant Nutr. 50: 1047-1054

8) Cakmak, I. 2002: Plant nutrition research: Priorities to meet human needs for food in sustainable ways. Plant Soil, 247: 3-24

9) Cakmak, I., Graham, R. and Welch R. M. 2002: Agricultural and Molecular Genetic Approaches to Improving Nutrition and Preventing Micronutrient Malnutrition Globally. In: Encylopedia of Life Support Systems. UNESCO-EOLSS Publishers Co Ltd. UK, ISBN: 0 9542989-0-X, pp: 1075-1099

10) Cakmak, I. (2000): Role of zinc in protecting plant cells from reactive oxygen species. New Phytol. 146: 185-205.
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