Ayse Caglar - Selected publications#

(forthcoming 2014) “Citizenship” in: International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences.

(forthcoming 2014) ”Beyond Post-Migrants: The questions of spatiality and temporality”, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

2014 - “Cultural diversity turn, European cultural policies and the location of migrants” In: Anthropology, Now and Next: Diversity, Connections, Confrontations, Reflexivity. Essays in Honor of Ulf Hanner. Edited by Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Christina Garsten, and Shalini Randeria. London/New York: Berghahn Publishers.

2013 -“Turkey and Europe: Locating Homeland Ties and Re-scaling Migration Scholarship”, European Review 21(3): 400-411.

2013 -“Locating Migrant Hometown Ties in time and space: Locality as a blind spot of migration scholarship”, Historische Anthropologie 21(1): 26-42, Special Issue on Lokalitaet und transnationale Verflechtungen.

2013 -“Acts of Citizenship and the Several Hands of the State: The Roma in Europe” In Engin Isin and Michael Saward (Eds) Enacting European Citizenship. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

2013 “Locating migrant pathways of economic emplacement: Thinking beyond the ethnic lens” (co-authored with N. Glick Schiller). Ethnicities, 13(4): 494-514.

2013 -“Circular Migration between Hungary and Ukraine: Historical Legacies, the Economic Crisis, and the Multidirectionality of ‘Circular’ Migration” In Anna Triandafyllidou (Ed) Circular Migration between Europe and its Neighbourhood. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2011 - “Integration”, In Handbuch Globalisierung: Anthropologische und Sozialwissenschaftliche Zugaenge zur Praxis, edited by A. Gingrich, E.M. Knoll and F. Kreff. Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag.

2011 - “Wider Autonomie”, In Zeitschrift fuer Kulturwissenschaften 1/2011. Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag.

2011 - “Introduction: Migrants and Cities.” In Locating Migration: Rescaling Cities and Migrants (Co-authored with N. Glick Schiller), edited by N. Glick Schiller and A. Caglar, 1-22. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.

2011 – “Locality and Globality: Building a Comparative Analytical Framework in Migration and Urban Studies.” In Locating Migration: Rescaling Cities and Migrants. (Co-authored with N. Glick Schiller), edited by N. Glick Schiller and A. Caglar, 60-84. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.

2011 – “Downscaled Cities and Migrant Pathways: Locality and Agency without an Ethnic Lens.” In Locating Migration: Rescaling Cities and Migrants (Co-authored with N. Glick Schiller), edited by N. Glick Schiller and A. Caglar, 190-212. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.

2010 - “Theorizing the Relationship between Migrants and Cities” (co-authored with N. Glick Schiller), In Anthropology News 51(4). Arlington: American Anthropological Association.

2009 – “Towards a Comparative Theory of Locality in Migration Studies: Migrant Incorporation and City Scale” (co-authored with Nina Glick Schiller), In Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 35(2): 177-202.

2009 – “European Citizenship, the Third-Country Nationals and the Ruptures.” Paper prepared within the FP7 project “Enacting European Citizenship” http://www.enactingcitizenship.eu/index.php/global/download/deliverables/ WP5D1b.pdf

2008 – “Ukrainians Migration to Hungary: A Fine Balance between Migration Policies and Diaspora Politics (Co-authored with Andrea Geoffery), In Journal of Immigrants and Refugee Studies 6(3):326-43. Special Issue on Immigrants, Policies and Migration Systems.

2008 - “’And Ye Shall Possess It, and Dwell Therein’: Social Citizenship, Global Christianity, and Non-Ethnic Immigrant Incorporation” In Incorporation and Citizenship in Europe and the United States: Anthropological Approaches, edited by Deborah Ree-Deheney and Caroline Bretell. New Jersey: Rutgers University Press.

2008 - “Athe Sam Roma Festival, Budapest, Hungary.”(Co-authored with GergoPulay). Case study of a Best Practice. In Background Paper, UNESCO World Report on Cultural Diversity “Towards post-multiculturalism? Changing communities, conditions and contexts”.

2008 – “Migrant Incorporation and City Scale: Towards a theory of Locality in Migration Theories.” (Co-authored with Nina Glick Schiller), In Willy Brandt Series of Working Papers in International Migration and Ethnic Relations. Malmo University, Sweden.

2007 - Hungary: Szechenyi Entrepreneurial Programme. Examination and Evaluation of Good Practices in the Promotion of Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurs.Final Report. IMES, Amsterdam.

2007 – “Beyond Methodological Ethnicity.” (co-authored with Nina Glick Schiller), In New Approaches to Transnationalism, edited by Ludger Pries. London: Routledge.2007 – “Rescaling cities, cultural diversity and transnationalism: migrants of Mardin and Essen.” In Ethnic and Racial Studies 30(6): 1070-1095. Special Issue New Directions in the Anthropology of Migration and Multiculturalism.

2006 – “Beyond the Ethnic Lens: Locality, Globality, and Born-Again Incorporation.” (Co-authored with Nina Glick Schiller), In American Ethnologist 33(4):612-633.

2006 – “Trans-disciplinarity and Transnationalism: Challenges to ‘Internationalization at home’.” In Internationalization at home, a Global Perspective, edited by Hanneke Teekens. Rotterdam: Nuffic Publications.

2006 - “Jenseits der ethnischen Gruppe als analytischer Kategorie”, (Co-authored with Nina Glick Schiller), In Die Macht Des Lokalen In Einer Welt Ohne Grenzen, eidted by H. Berking. Frankfurt: Campus Verlag Lokale Kultur.

2006 - "Hometown Associations, the Rescaling of State Spatiality and Migrant Grassroots Transnationalism”, In Global Networks 6(1): 1-22. Oxford: Blackwell.

2005 - “Mediascapes, advertisement industries: Turkish Immigrants in Europe and the European Union”, In New German Critique 92: 39-62.

2004 - "Introduction: Turkish Migration to Germany - Forty Years After" (Co-authored with Levent Soysal), In Turkish Migration to Germany: Issues, Reflections, and Futures, edited by A. Caglar and L. Soysal. Special Issue New Perspectives on Turkey.

2004 - “’Citizenship Light’: Transnational Ties, Multiple Rules of Membership, and ‘The Pink Card’”, In Worlds on the Move. Globalization, Migration, and Cultural Security, edited by J. Friedmann and S. Randeria. London/New York: I. B. Tauris.

2003 – “Drei Gerichtsfaelle und die Frage der Regierbarkeit,” In Inspecting Germany, edited by Thomas Hauschild and Bernd Juergen Warneken. Muenster/Hamburg/London: Lit Verlag.

2002 – “The Discrete Charm of Dual Citizenship: Citizenship Ties, trust and the ‘Pink Card’." In Unraveling Ties - From Social Cohesion to New Practices of Connections, edited by Y. Elkana, I. Krastev, E. Macamo and S. Randeria. Frankfurt/New York: Campus.

2002 - “Media corporatism and cosmopolitanism.” in Conceiving Cosmopolitanism. Theory, Context and Practice, edited by Steven Vertovec and Robin Cohen. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2002 - “A Table in two hands." in Fragments of Culture. The Everyday of Modern Turkey, edited by A. Saktanberk and D. Kandiyoti. London: I.B. Tauris.

2001 - “Constraining metaphors and the transnationalization of spaces in Berlin”, In Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 24(4).

2001 - "Acculturation" In Afrika-Lexikon, edited by Jacob E. Mabe, J.B. Metzler and Peter Hammer.

2001 - "Assimilation" In Afrika-Lexikon, edited by Jacob E. Mabe, J.B. Metzler and Peter Hammer.

2001 - "Creolization" In Afrika-Lexikon, edited by Jacob E. Mabe, J.B. Metzler and Peter Hammer.

2001 – “Medien, Werbeindustrie und Kosmopolitanismus.“. In Ethnoscripts 3(1): 25-38.

2000 – “Tireli kimlikler: Teori ve yoenteme iliskin bazi arayislar.”, In Toplumve Bilim 84: 129-149.

1999 - "Urban metaphors: The models of membership, urban spaces and the symbolic politics in Berlin." Working Paper in Local Governance and Democracy.

1998 - "McDoener: Doenerkebab und der Kampf der Deutsch-Tuerken um soziale Stellung", In Sociologus. Zeitschrift fuer empirische Ethnosoziologie und Ethnopsychologie 48(1): 17-41.

1998 - "Popular culture, marginality and institutional incorporation. German-Turkish rap and Turkish pop in Berlin", In Cultural Dynamics 10(3): 243-261.

1998 - "Fast food and ethnic business: The story of DoenerKebap in Berlin." In Changing Food Habits: case studies from Africa, Latin America and Europe, edited by Carola Lentz. New York: Gordon and Breach.

1998 - "Die Deutsch-Tuerken und ihre Konsumpraktiken", In Historische Anthropologie 6(2): 242-256.

1998 – “Verordnete Rebellion. Deutsch-tuerkischer Rap und tuerkischer Pop in Berlin.“. In Globalklorit. Multikulturalismus und Populaerkultur, eidted by R. Mayer and M. Terkessidis. Wien: Hanibal.

1997 – “Jenseits der Ghetto - Kreolisierung, Identitaet und raeumliche Repraesentation der Deutsch-Tuerken in Berlin.“ In Eine Stadt im Zeichen der Migration, edited by R. Amann and B.v. Neumann-Cossel. Berlin: Verlag fuer wissenschaftliche Publikationen.

1997 - "Hyphenated Identities and the limits of "Culture": Some methodological Queries.” In The Politics of Multiculturalism in the New Europe: Racism, Identity, Community, edited by P. Werbner and T. Madood. New York: Zed Publications.

1997 - “’Go Go Dog!’ and German Turks' demand for pet dogs”, Journal of Material Culture 2(1): 77-94.

1996 - "Beyond Culturalism: Racism and Social Exclusion". In Fremdheitund Rassismus im Sport, edited by B. Broeskampand and T. Alkemeyer. Berlin: Academia Verlag.

1995 – “German Turks in Berlin: Social exclusion and Strategies for Social Mobility.” In New Community 21(3): 309- 323.

1991 - "Culture, Ethnicity and Identity: the Turks in Germany." In Dominant National Cultures and Ethnic Identities, edited by F. Schmidt and J. Fijalkowski, 43-53.

1990 - "The Prison House of Culture in the Studies of Turkish Migrants", In Sozialanthropologische Arbeitspapiere Nr. 31.

1990 - "Das Kultur-Konzept als Zwangsjacke in Studien zur Arbeitsmigration", In Zeitschrift fuer Tuerkeistudien 1:93-105.

1990 - "The Grey Wolves as Metaphor." In Turkish State, Turkish Society, edited by A. Finkel and N. Sirman, 79-102. London: Routledge.

Books and edited volumes:

(forthcoming), co-authored with Nina Glick Schiller: Emplacing Migrants: Everyday City-Making and Urban Regeneration in Disempowered Cities. Duke University Press.

2011 - Locating Migration: Rescaling Cities and Migrants, edited by Ayse Caglar and Nina Glick Schiller. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.

2004 - Turkish Migration to Germany: Issues, Reflections, and Futures, edited by Ayse Caglar and Levent Soysal Special Issue, New Perspectives on Turkey.
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