Jos Ignacio Burgos Gil - Selected Publications#

Amini, O., Bloch, S. J., Burgos Gil, J. I., Fresán, J., Feynman amplitudes and limits of heights Izvestiya: Mathematics, 80 (2016).

Burgos Gil, J. I.; Moriwaki, A.; Philippon, P.; Sombra, M., Arithmetic positivity on toric varieties, Journal of Algebraic Geometry, 25 (2016) 201–272.

Burgos Gil, J. I.; Philippon, P.; Sombra, M., Arithmetic geometry of toric varieties. Metrics, measures and heights, Asterisque 360, Société Mathématique de France, 2014.

Burgos Gil, J. I., Freixas, G., Liţcanu, R., Generalized holomorphic analytic torsion, Journal of the European Mathematical Society 16 463–535 (2014).

Burgos Gil, J. I., Feliu, E., Higher arithmetic Chow groups, Comentarii Matematici Helvetici 87 521–587 (2012).

Espuny, F., Burgos Gil, J. I., Generic Self-calibration of Central Cameras from Two Rotational Flows, International Journal of Computer Vision 91, 131–145 (2011).

Oliva, J. M.; Schleyer, P.v.R.; Goldberg, A.; Aullón, G.; Burgos Gil, J. I.; Fernández-Barbero, A.; Alkorta, I., On the electronic structure and stability of icosahedral r −X2Z10H12 and Z12H12(2−) clusters, r = {ortho, meta, para}, X = {C, Si}, Z = {B, Al},
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP) 12, 5101-5108 (2010).

Burgos Gil, J. I. Kramer, J. Kühn, U., Cohomological arithmetic Chow rings, Journal of the Inst. of Math. Jussieu 6, 1–172 (2007).

Burgos Gil, J. I.; Wang, S., Higher Bott-Chern forms and Beilinson's regulator, Inventiones Mathematicae 132, 261–305 (1998).

Burgos Gil, J. I., Arithmetic Chow rings and Deligne Beilinson cohomology, Journal of Algebraic Geometry 6, 335–377 (1997).

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