Sir Arnold Burgen#

Sir Arnold Burgen
A brief statement of Sir Arnold Burgen's work set in context:

Living organisms depend on self-regulatory systems in which regulatory substances are produced and bind to regulatory effector sites “receptors”. Most drugs work by affecting this process either by increasing the amount of the effector or by interfering with its action. Regulation occurs locally within cells, distantly through the circulation as with hormones or between cells as in the nervous system. My own research has been concerned with one in the nervous system that uses a small molecule, acetylcholine as well as trying to understand the general recognition processes that determine the potency and specificity of drug action. The development of molecular biology after my time in research has transformed this work by making it possible to grow receptors in bacteria, modify them by mutations and to study their structure by Xrays and in other ways. It still does not lead yet to the design of drugs ab initio but has provided the possibility of testing substances for drug action rapidly and on a large scale.

Video Interview of Professor Anne Buttimer with Professor Sir Arnold Burgen on the vision when founding Academia Europaea.

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