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Professor Burch has published about 250 peer-reviewed papers in major journals. His work has been cited more than 10,000 times and with an H index of 56 he is one of the most cited authors in the field of environmental catalysis. The following list of ten of his major publications reflects the impact that his work has had on the development of novel cutting-edge experimental methodologies to study the mechanisms of catalytic reactions of industrial importance under realistic experimental conditions. Burch was one of the first to recognise that conventional transient isotope techniques could not be applied to real catalysts because of interference between adsorption/desorption processes on the support and the catalytic reactions at the active sites. The problem was that the reactions of interest had sub-second half-lives whereas conventional transient apparatus had a time resolution of tens or even hundreds of seconds. Burch developed first the fast switching transient isotope technique with a time resolution of tens of milliseconds. Then he developed the “Short Time On Stream (STOS)” technique which for the first time allowed the elimination of the interference from species adsorbed on the support so that the processes occurring on the active sites could be investigated. Real reaction intermediates on real industrial catalysts operating under realistic experimental conditions were identified unequivocally for the first time.

Chansai, S., Burch, R. and Hardacre, C.
The use of Short Time on Stream (STOS) transient kinetics to investigate the role of hydrogen in enhancing NOx reduction over silver catalysts
J. Catal. 295 (2012) 223-231

Chansai, S., Burch, R., Hardacre, C. Breen, J.P. and Meunier, F.C.
The use of short-time-on-stream in situ spectroscopic transient kinetic isotope techniques to investigate the mechanism of hydrocarbon selective catalytic reduction (HC-SCR) of NO(x) at low temperatures.
J. Catal. 281 (2011) 98-105.

Chansai, S., Burch, R., Hardacre, C., Breen, J. and Meunier, F.C.
Investigating the mechanism of the H2-assisted selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of NOx with octane using fast cycling transient in situ DRIFTS-MS analysis
J. Catalysis 276 (2010) 49-55.

Breen, J.P., Burch, R., Fontaine-Gautrelet, C., Hardacre, C. and Rioche, C.
Insight into the key aspects of the regeneration process in the NOx storage reduction (NSR) reaction probed using fast transient kinetics coupled with isotopically labelled (NO)- N15 over Pt and Rh-containing Ba/Al2O3 catalysts.
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 81, 2008, 150-159.

Meunier, F.C., Goguet, A., Hardacre, C., Burch, R. and Thompsett, D.
Quantitative DRIFTS investigation of possible reaction mechanisms for the water gas shift reaction on high activity Pt and Au-based catalysts.
J. Catalysis 252, 2007, 18-22.

Breen, J.P., Rioche, C., Burch, R., Hardacre, C. and Meunier, F.C.
Identifying critical factors in the regeneration of NOx-trap materials under realistic conditions using fast transient techniques.
Applied Catalysis B. – Environmental, 70, 2007, 178-186.

Breen, J.P., Burch, R., Hardacre, C. and Hill, C.J.
A fast transient kinetic study of the effect of H-2 on the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with octane using isotopically labelled (NO)-N-15.
J. Catalysis, 246, 2007, 1-9

Tibiletti, D., Meunier, F.C., Goguet, A., Reid, D., Burch, R., Boaro, M., Vicario, M. and Trovarelli, A.
An investigation of possible mechanisms of the water-gas shift reaction over a ZrO2-supported Pt catalyst.
Journal of Catalysis, 244, 2006, 183-191.

Tibiletti, D., Amieiro-Fonseca, A., Burch, R., Chen, Y., Fisher, J.M., Goguet, A., Hardacre, C., Hu, P. and Thompsett,D.
DFT and in situ EXAFS investigation of gold/cerie-zirconia low-temperature water gas shift catalysts: Identification of the nature of the active form of gold.
J. Phys. Chem. B 109, 2005, 22553-22559

Breen, J.P., Burch, R., Hardacre, C. and Hill, C.J.
Structural Investigation of the Promotional Effect of Hydrogen during the Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx with Hydrocarbons over Ag/Al2O3 Catalysts
J. Phys. Chem. B 109, 2005, 4805-4807.
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