Pere Brunet - List of major publications#

L.Basañez, P.Brunet, R.Bucy, R.Huber, H.Miller, J.Pages
A Hybrid Computer Optimal Filter
VI Symposium on Nonlinear Estimation and its Applications San Diego, USA, (1975).

L.Basañez, P.Brunet, R.Bucy, R.Huber, H.Miller, J.Pages
Simulation and Implementation of a Hybrid Computer Algorithm for Optimal Nonlinear Filtering
International Conf. on Systems Science, Hawaii, (1976).

J.Pages, P. Brunet
On Monte-Carlo Performance Evaluation of Non-linear Filters
Proc. of the 8th AICA Congress on Simulation of Systems. Delft, (1976).

On the Convergence in Parameter Estimation via Suboptimal Filtering
VII World IFAC Congress. Helsinky (1978).

P.Brunet, L.Basañez
Linear Filtering Approach to Slow Varying Image Restoration
IV International Joint Conference on Pattern Recognition. Kyoto, (1978).

P. Brunet
Surface fitting by means of splines
Proc. of Eurographics'80, Geneve, CH, (1980)

P. Brunet
Surface representation from irregurarly distributed data points
Technology and Science of Informatics, vol 2 núm 2, pp 103-110 (1983).

P. Brunet, D. Ayala, I. Navazo
Título: An interactive algorithm for the generation of B-spline surfaces
International Computing Symposium, German Chapter of ACM, Nurnberg'83 (1983)

P. Brunet, L. Perez
Smooth contour line construction with spline interpolation
Qüestió, vol 8 núm 3 (1984).

D. Ayala, P. Brunet, R. Juan, I. Navazo
Object representation by means of non-minimal division quadtrees and octrees
ACM Transactions on Graphics, vol 4 num 1, pp. 41-59 (1985)

P. Brunet
Increasing the smoothness of bicubic spline surfaces
Computer Aided Geometric Design, vol 2 num 1-3, pp. 157-164 (1985).

P. Brunet, I. Navazo
Geometric modeling using exact octree representation of polyhedral solids
Proc. of Eurographics'85, Nice (1985)

I. Navazo, P. Brunet, D. Ayala
A geometric modeler based on exact octree representation of polyhedra
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol 5 num 2, pp. 91-104 (1986).

J.Pascual, J.Giralt, P.Brunet
An Interactive Package for the Computer-Aided Design of Woven Fabrics
Computers & Graphics, vol 10, num 4, pp. 359-368 (1986).

P. Brunet, D. Ayala
Extended octree representation of free form surfaces
Computer Aided Geometric Design, vol 4 num 1-2, pp. 141-154 (1987).

P. Brunet, I. Navazo, J. Fontdecaba
Extended octrees, between CSG trees and boundary representations
Proc. of Eurographics'87, Amsterdam (1987)

P. Brunet, X. Pueyo
A parametric space scan line algorithm for rendering of bicubic surfaces
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, vol 7 num 11, pp. 17-25 (1987).

P. Brunet
Including shape handles in recursive subdivision surfaces
Computer Aided Geometric Design, vol 5 num 1, pp. 41-50 (1988).

P. Brunet, A. Vinacua
A VC1 condition for the connection between rational Bezier patches
In: Mathematical Elements for Computer Aided Geometric Design, T.Lyche, L.L.Schumacker. Eds., Academic Press, pp. 601-611 (1989).

P. Brunet, I. Navazo
Solid representation and operation using extended octrees
ACM Transactions on Graphics, vol 9 num 2, pp. 170-197, (1990).

D.Tost, P.Brunet
A Definition of Frame-to-Frame Coherence
In: Computer Animation'90. N.M.Thalmann and D.Thalmann Eds., Springer Verlag, pp. 207-225 (1990).

P. Brunet, A.Vinacua
Surfaces in Solid Modeling
In: Geometric Modelling: Methods and Applications, H.Hagen & D.Roller Eds., Springer Verlag, pp. 17-34 (1991).

A.Vinacua, I.Navazo, P.Brunet
Octree Detection of Closed Compartments
International Journal on Computational Geometry and Applications, vol 1 num 3 (1991). Also, in Proc. Symposium on Solid Modeling Foundations and CAD/CAM Applications, ACM (1991).

P.Brunet, A.Vinacua
Modeling of Closed Surfaces: A Comparison of Existing Methods
In: Mathematical Methods in Computer-Aided Geometric Design II, T.Lyche and L.Schumacker eds., Academic Press, pp. 29-42 (1992). ISBN 0-12-460510-9

P. Brunet, R. Juan, I. Navazo
Octree Representations in Solid Modeling
Progress in Computer Graphics, C.L. Sabharwai, G.W.Zobrist Eds., Ablex Publ. Corporation, Norwood, NJ (1992).

3-D Structures for the Encoding of Geometry and Internal Properties
In: Three-Dimensional Modeling with Geoscientific Information Systems, A.K. Turner Ed., Kluwer Academic Publishers, NL, pp. 159-188 (1992).

P.Brunet, I.Navazo
Geometric Modelling of Volumes
In: Eurographics Tutorials'92 , Eurographics Association, Cambridge ISSN 1017-4656 (1992).

Brunet, P. (Ed.)
Special Issue on "Computer Graphics in Spain"
Computers & Graphics , vol. 14, num. 4 (1992)

Ll. Solano, P. Brunet
A System for Constructive Constraint-Based Modelling
In: Modeling in Computer Graphics, B. Falcidieno eds., Springer-Verlag, ISBN 3-387-56529-9, pg. 61-83 (1993).

P. Brunet, I. Navazo, A. Vinacua
A Modelling Scheme for the Approximate Representation of Closed Surfaces
In: Geometric Modelling, Computing/ Suppl. 8, G.Farin and H.Hagen Eds., Springer Verlag, pp.. 75-90 (1993).

P. Brunet, R. Juan, I. Navazo, A. Puig, J. Sole, D. Tost
Modeling and Visualization Through Data Compression
In: Data Visualization, R.E.Earnshaw and L.Rosenblum eds, Academic Press. ISBN 0-12-227742-2, pp 157-169, (1994)

G. Nielson, P. Brunet, M. Gross, H. Hagen, S. Klimenko
Research Issues in Data Modeling for Scientific Visualization
IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications Vol 14, 2, pp. 70-73 march (1994).

Ll. Solano, P. Brunet
Constructive Constraint-based model for Parametric CAD Systems
Computer-Aided Design, Vol 26 num 8, pp. 614-621 (1994).

D. Ayala, C. Andújar, P. Brunet
Automatic simplification of Orthogonal Polyhedra"
In: Modeling, Virtual World and Distributed Graphics, D.W. Fellner Ed.; Infix 1995 pp 137-148, (1995).

P. Brunet, R. Joan-Arinyo, L. Solano, A. Soto
Geometric Constraint Solving: Two Different Constructive Approaches
ISATA’95, Sttutgart, (1995)

M. Vigo, P. Brunet
Piecewise Linear Approximation of Trimed Surfaces
In: Geometric Modelling (H. Hagen, G. Farin, H. Noltemier Eds.), Springer Verlag 1995, Computing, Suppl. 10, pp 341-356 (1995) ISBN 3-211-82666-1, (1995)

R. Joan-Arinyo, A. Vinacua, P. Brunet
Classification of a point with respect to a Polyhedron Vertex
International Journal of Computational Geometry and Application,. Vol. 6, Num. 2, pp. 157-167, (1996)

P. Brunet, R. Joan-Arinyo, A. Vinacua
The future of Modeling Systems
Eurographics’96 State-of the Art Reports, S. Coquillart De., Eurographics, PS96-STAR, ISSN 1017-4656, pp 16-30 (1996)

C. Andújar, D. Ayala, P. Brunet, R. Joan-Arinyo, J. Solé
Automatic Generation of Multiresolution Boundary Representations
Computer Graphics Forum, vol. 15, no. 3, pp 87-96, (1996)

M. Vigo, N. Pla, P. Brunet
From Degenerate Patches to Triangular and Trimmed Patches
In: “Proc of Chamonix’96”, Le Mehaute, C. Rabut, L.L. Schumaker Eds., Vanderbilt
Univ Press, Nashville, TN (ISBN 0-8265-1293-3) , (1996)

D. Ayala, P. Brunet, R. Joan-Arinyo, I. Navazo
Multiresolution Approximation of Polyhedral Solids
In: “CAD Systems Development: Tools and Methods”, Roller & Brunet eds. Springer
Verlag (ISBN 3- 540-62535-6), pp 327-343 (1997)

F. Alonso, C. Andújar, P. Brunet, L. García, I. Navazo, A. Vinacua
Virtual Reality Tools in Shipbuilding Design
Proc of TeamCAD, GVU/NIST Workshop on Collaborative Design. May 12-13, 1997, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, J. Rossignac Ed., pp 39-44 (1997)

M. Franquesa, P. Brunet
Analysis of methods for generating octree models of objects from their silhouettes
Revue internationale de C.F.A.O. et d'Infographie, pp. 33-65 (1997)

A. Vinacua, I. Navazo, P. Brunet
Octtrees Meet Splines
In: Geometric Modeling, G.Farin, H.Bieri, G.Brunett and T.DeRose Eds., Computing
(Suppl) Vol 13, Springer-Verlag, pp 225-233 (1998)

B. García, P. Brunet
3D Reconstruction with Projective Octrees and Epipolar Geometry
Sixth International Conference on Computer Vision - ICCV'98. IEEE, pp. 1067- 1072. ISBN 81-7319-221-9, (1998)

P. Brunet, A. Vinacua, M. Vivó, N. Pla, A. Rodriguez
Surface Fairing for Ship Hull Design Applications
Mathematical Engineering in Industry, Vol 7, 2, pp 179-193 (1998)

L. Solano, P. Brunet
Geometric Relaxation for Solving Constraint-Based Models
In: Geometric Constraint Solving and Applications, B. Bruederlin and D. Roller Eds.,
Springer-Verlag (ISBN 3-540-64416-4), pp 259-270 (1998)

M.Vigo, N.Pla, P. Brunet
Directional Adaptive Surface Triangulation
Computer-Aided Geometric Design, Vol. 16, pp 107-126 (1999)

C. Saona, I. Navazo, P. Brunet
The visibility octree. a data structure for 3D navigation
Computers and Graphics, Vol 23, 5, pp 635-643, (1999)

C. Andujar, D. Ayala, P. Brunet
Validity-Preserving Simplification of Very Complex Polyhedral Solids, In Proc. of the 5th Eurographics
Workshop on Virtual Environments, Vienna, Austria, May 31-June 1st (1999)

C.Andujar, C. Saona, I. Navazo, P. Brunet
Integrating Occlusion Culling and Levels of Detail through Hardly Visible Sets
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 19, 3 (2000)

Brunet. P., and Scopigno, R. (Eds.)
Special Issue on “Multiresolution Geometric Models”
Computer-Aided Design Vol. 33 (2000)

J. Esteve, P. Brunet, A. Vinacua
Multiresolution For Algebraic Curves and Surfaces Using Wavelets
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 20, 1, pp 47-58 (2001)

P. Brunet, I. Navazo, J. Rossignac, C. Saona
Hoops: 3D Curves as Conservative Occluders for Cell-Visibility
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 20, 3 , pp 499-506 (2001)

C.Andujar, P. Brunet, D. Ayala
Topology-Reducing Surface Simplification Using a Discrete Solid Representation
ACM Transactions on Graphics, Vol. 21, 2 , pp 88-105, April’02 (2002)

C. Andujar, M. Fairen, P. Brunet
Affordable Immersive Projection System for 3d Interaction
SIACG’02, Iberoamerican Symposium on Computer Graphics. Guimeraes, Portugal, July’02 (2002)

C. Andujar, M. Fairen, P. Brunet, V. Cebollada
Error-Bounded Simplification of Topologically-Complex Assemblies
Workshop on Multiresolution in Geometric Modelling Mingle 2003, Cambridge, UK, Sept’03 (2003)

C. Andujar, P. Brunet, J. Esteve, E. Monclús, I. Navazo, A. Vinacua
Robust Face Recovery for Hybrid Surface Visualization
Vision, Modeling and Visualization Symposium
Munich, November'03 (2003)

C. Andujar, M. Fairen, P. Brunet, V. Cebollada
Error-Bounded Simplification of Topologically-Complex Assemblies
Workshop on Multiresolution in Geometric Modelling, Mingle 2003, Cambridge, UK, Sept’03 (2003). Also in: "Advances in Multiresolution for Geometric Modelling", N. A. Dodgson, M. S. Floater and M. A. Sabin Eds.,
Springer-Verlag 2005, ; ISBN 3-540-21462-3 . pp. 339-352 (2004)

C. Andujar, P. Brunet, J. Esteve, E. Monclús, I. Navazo, A. Vinacua
Robust Face Recovery for Hybrid Surface Visualization
Vision, Modeling and Visualization Symposium. Munich, November 2003 (2003)

C.Andujar, P. Brunet, A. Chica, I. Navazo, J. Rossignac, A. Vinacua
Optimizing the Topological Complexity of Isosurfaces
Proc. of CAD’04, Pattaya, May 2004. Best paper award (2004)

Fairen M., Brunet P. and Techmann T.
Mini-VR: A Portable Virtual Reality System
Computers and Graphics, Vol. 28 (2), pp. 289-296, (2004)

C.Andujar, P. Brunet, A. Chica, I. Navazo, J. Rossignac, A. Vinacua
Computing Maximal Tiles and Application to Impostor-Based Simplification
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 23, num. 3 , pp 401-410, September’04 (2004)

M. Franquesa, P. Brunet
Collision Prediction Using MKtrees
WSCG’04, Winter School on Computer Graphics, Plzen, February 2004 (2004)

Costin, I., and Brunet, P.
Minimizing Isosurface Area
Proc. of CEIG'2005, Spanish Conference on Computer Graphics, pp. 191-200, (2005)

Brunet, P., Elber, G. and Patrikalakis, N. (Eds.)
Special Issue on Solid Modeling, Theory and Applications
Graphical Models Journal. Volume 67 No. 5, September'05, (2005)

Surinyac, J., and Brunet, P.
Hierarchical Model for Pipe Design and Editing
Proc. of CEIG'2005, Spanish Conference on Computer Graphics, pp. 107-116, (2005)

Rodriguez Celaya, J., Brunet, P., Ezquerra, N., Palomar, J.E.
A Virtual Reality Approach to Progressive Lenses Simulation
Proc. of CEIG'2005, Spanish Conference on Computer Graphics, pp. 43-52, (2005)

C.Andujar, P. Brunet, A. Chica, I. Navazo, J. Rossignac, A. Vinacua
Optimizing the Topological and Combinatorial Complexity of Isosurfaces
Computer-Aided Design, Vol. 37, num. 8 , pp 847-857, Jul’05 (2005)

J. Esteve, P. Brunet, A. Vinacua Approximation of a Variable Density Cloud of Points by Shrinking a Discrete Membrane
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 24, 4, pp. 791-808 (2005)

Andujar C., Brunet P., Chica A., Rossignac J., Navazo I. and Vinacua A.
Optimizing the topological and combinational complexity of isosurfaces
Computer-Aided Design, Vol. 37 (8), pp. 847-857, 2005

Andujar C., Boo J., Brunet P., Fairen M., Navazo I., Vazquez P. and Vinacua A.
Omni-directional Relief Impostors
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 26 (3), Eurographics, pp. 553-560, 2007

Brunet, P.
On needles and Haystacks: Shape Representation and Processing
Opening Talk, year 2007. Royal Academy of Engineering, Spain, ISBN 84-95662-48-5, 36 pages
(in Spanish, "Sobre agujas y pajares: la representacion y el procesado de las formas"), Madrid, (2007)

Chica A., Williams J., Andujar C., Brunet P., Navazo I., Rossignac J. and Vinacua A.
Pressing: Smooth Isosurfaces with Flats from Binary Grids
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 27 (1), pp. 36-46, 2008

Besora I., Brunet P., Callieri M., Chica A., Corsini M., Dellepiane M., Morales D., Moyés J., Ranzuglia G. and Scopigno R.
Portalada: A Virtual Reconstruction of the Entrance of the Ripoll Monastery
3DPVT08: Fourth Int. Symposium on 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission, (2008)

Andujar C.,Díaz J. and Brunet P.
Relief Impostor Selection for Large Scale Urban Rendering
IEEE Virtual Reality Workshop on Virtual Citiscapes: Key Research Issues in Modeling Large-Scale Immersive Urban Environments, 2008

Besora,I., Brunet, P., Chica, A., Morales, D. and Moyes, J.
Real-Time Exploration of the Virtual Reconstruction of the Entrnace of the Ripoll Monastery
Proc. of CEIG'08, Spanish Conference on Computer Graphics, pp. 219-224, Eurographics Association (2008)

Esteve J., Vinacua A. and Brunet P.
Piecewise algebraic surface computation and smoothing from a discrete model
Computer-Aided Geometric Design, Vol. 24 (6), pp. 357-372 , 2008

Brunet, P., Torroja, J., Herrero, J., and Alonso, F.
Information Technologies for Innovative Work Schemes
In: The Contribution of ITs to the Transport Sostenibility in Spain, Perez Arriaga, J.I. and Moreno, A. Eds., pp. 91-117
Royal Academy of Engineering, Spain, ISBN 978-84-95662-18-7 (in Spanish), Madrid, (2009)

Andujar, C., Brunet, P., and Diaz, J.
"Dynamic Terrains: Cities and Real-Time Video on Gigantic Terrain Models"
In: GeoSpatial Visual Analitics: Geographical Information Processing and Visual Analytics for Environment Security, De Amicis et al. Eds.,
pp. 209-213, Springer Science & Business Media B.V. (2009)

Brunet P, Chica A, Navazo I, Vinacua A.
Massive mesh hole repair minimizing user intervention Computing, Vol 86, pp 101-115, (2009).

Most Relevant Edited Books

Editor, with F.W. Jansen. of: "Photorealistic Rendering in Computer Graphics", ISBN 3-540-56449-7, Springer-Verlag (1994).

Editor, with D. Roller, of:: “CAD Systems Development: Tools and Methods”, ISBN 3-540-62535-6, Springer-Verlag (1997)

Editor, with R. Scopigno, of the Issue: Computer Graphics Forum Vol. 18 (3), Proceedings of Eurographics’99 (1999)

Editor, with D. Roller and Christoph Hoffmann, of: “CAD Tools and Algorithms for Product Design”, ISBN 3-540-66204-9, Springer-Verlag (2000)

Editor, with D. Ebert and I. Navazo, of: “Data Visualization 2002”, Proc. Of Eurographics / IEEE TCVG Symposium 2002, ISBN 1-58113-536-X, ACM, NY (2002)

Editor, with D. Fellner, of the Issue: Computer Graphics Forum Vol. 22 (3), Proceedings of Eurographics’03 (2003)

Editor, with Gershon Elber and Nick Patrikalakis of: “Solid Modeling and Applications”, Proc. Of the ACM Symposium SM’04 on Solid Modeling and Applications, June 9-11 2004, Genoa, Italy. ISBN 3-905673-55-X, Eurographics (2004)

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