Bruce Brown - Selected Publications#

2014 — Brown, B. Romek Marber Graphics [pp.6-11]. Brighton: University of Brighton [ISBN 978-1-905593-94-1].

2013 Brown, B. ‘Preface’. In Wingham, I. [Ed.], Mobility of the Line: Art, Architecture, Design [pp. 8-10]. Basel: Birkhauser, Verlag [ISBN 978-3-0346-0824-4].

2012 Brown, B. & Boddington, A. ‘Shaping Virtue’. In Piccinno, G. & Lega, E. [Eds.], Spatial Design for In-Between Urban Spaces [pp.125-137]. Milano: Maggioli Editore [ISBN 978-88-387-6161-2].

2012 Brown, B. Cave to Cloud [pdf online]. Available at: last accessed 17 April 2014].

2012 Brown, B. ‘The State of Design’. In Alvelos, H. & Barreto. S. [eds] The Design Journal, [Vol.15:2, pp.153-167]. London: BERG [ISSN 1460-6925].

2011 Brown, B. The Well-crafted Mind. York: Higher Education Academy—Art/Design/Media Subject Centre [pdf online]. Available at: [last accessed 1 November 2012].

2009 Brown, B., Blumenreich, U., Eversmann, P., Hasan, A. & Zurlo, F., Reforming Arts and Culture Higher Education in Portugal. Portugal: Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior [pdf online]. Available at: [last accessed 17 April 2014].

2009 Brown, B. ‘Art and design at Brighton in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries’. In Lyon, P. & Woodham, M. [Eds.], Art and Design at Brighton 1859-2009 [pp.351-366]. Brighton: CRD—Arts, University of Brighton [ISBN 978-1-905593-58-3].

2004 Brown, B., Gough, P. & Roddis, J. Types of Research in the Creative and Performing Arts and Design [pdf online]. Available at:
[last accessed 14 April 2014].

2000 Brown, B. ‘Graphic Memory’. In Design Thinkers 2000. Toronto: RGD Ontario [ISBN 0-9688734-0-5].
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