Victor Brovkin - Selected Publications#

126 peer-reviewed publications, H-index: 47 (Feb 2016)

Brovkin, V., Boysen, L., Arora, V. K., Boisier, J., Cadule, P., Chini, L., Claussen, M., Friedlingstein, P., Gayler, V., van den Hurk, B., Hurtt, G., Jones, C., Kato, E., de Noblet-Ducoudré, N., Pacifico, F., Pongratz, J., & Weiss, M., 2013. Effect of anthropogenic land-use and land cover changes on climate and land carbon storage in CMIP5 projections for the 21st century. Journal of Climate, 26, 6859-6881.

Brovkin, V., Boysen, L., Raddatz, T., Gayler, V., Loew, A., Claussen, M., 2013. Evaluation of vegetation cover and land-surface albedo in MPI-ESM CMIP5 simulations, Journal Of Advances In Modeling Earth Systems, 5, 1–10, doi:10.1029/2012MS000169, 2013

Brovkin, V., Ganopolski, A., Archer, D., and Munhoven, G., 2012. Glacial CO2 cycle as a succession of key physical and biogeochemical processes, Clim. Past, 8, 251–264.

Goll, D. S., Brovkin, V., Parida, B. R., Reick, C. H., Kattge, J., Reich, P. B., van Bodegom, P. M., and Niinemets, Ü., 2012. Nutrient limitation reduces land carbon uptake in simulations with a model of combined carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling, Biogeosciences, 9, 3547-3569.

Brovkin, V., Raddatz, T., Christian H. Reick, C.H., Claussen, M., Gayler, V. , 2009. Global biogeophysical interactions between forest and climate. Geophys. Res. Lett., Vol. 36, No. 7, pp.1-6

Scheffer, M., Bascompte, J., Brock, W., Brovkin, V., Carpenter, S., Dakos, V., Held, H., van Nes, E., Rietkerk, M., and Sugihara G., 2009. Early warning signals for critical transitions, Nature, Vol. 461, No. 7260, pp. 53-59.

Archer, D., Buffett, B., and Brovkin, V., 2009. Ocean methane hydrates as a slow tipping point in the global carbon cycle, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS), 106 (49), 20596–20601.

Brovkin, V., Ganopolski, A., Archer, D., and Rahmstorf, S., 2007. Lowering of glacial pCO2 in response to changes in oceanic circulation and marine biogeochemistry, Paleoceanography, 22, PA4202, doi:10.1029/2006PA001380

Brovkin, V., Claussen, M., Driesschaert, E., Fichefet, T., Kicklighter, D., Loutre, M.-F., Matthews, H. D., Ramankutty, N., Schaeffer, M., Sokolov, A., 2006. Biogeophysical effects of historical land cover changes simulated by six Earth system models of intermediate complexity, Climate Dynamics, doi: 10.1007/s00382-005-0092-6.

Renssen, H., Brovkin, V., Fichefet, T., H. Goosse, 2006: Simulation of the Holocene climate evolution in Northern Africa: The termination of the African Humid Period, Quaternary International, 150, 95-102.
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