Sarah Broadie - List of Publications#

  • ‘The Good, the Noble, and the Theoretical in Eudemian Ethics VIII 3’Broadie, S. J. 2010 Mind, Method, and Morality: Essays in Honour of Sir Anthony Kenny. Cottingham, J. (ed.). Oxford University Press p. 3-25. Chapter
  • 'Aristotle' Broadie, S. J. 2009 History of Western Philosophy of Religion. Trakakis, N. & Opie, G. (eds.). Acumen Publishing p. 79-92.Chapter
  • 'The Ancient Greeks' Broadie, S. J., Beebee, H. (ed.), Hitchcock, C. (ed.) & Menzies, P. (ed.) 2009 Oxford University Press Other contribution
  • Heavenly bodies and first causes Broadie, S. J. 2009 A Companion to Aristotle. Anagnostopoulos, G. (ed.). Wiley Blackwell p. 230-241. Chapter
  • Nicomachean Ethics VII, 1150b29-1151b22: Akrasia, enkrateia, and some look-alikes Broadie, S. J. & Natali, C. 2009 p. 157-172.Paper
  • The Different Purposes of De Caelo I.12 Broadie, S. J., Bowen, A. (ed.) & Wildberg, C. (ed.) 2009 E. J. Brill, Leiden Other contribution
  • ‘Aristotle, Metaphysics III, 999a24-b24’ Broadie, S. J. 2009 Proceedings of the XVIth Symposium Aristotelicum. Crubellier M. and Laks A., ~. D. (ed.). Oxford University Press p. 135-50. Chapter
  • Où se trouve l’activité? Broadie, S. J. 2008 Dunamis: autour de la puissance chez Aristote. Crubellier, M., Jaulin, A., Lefebvre, D. & Morel, P. (eds.). Peeters p. 457-470.Chapter
  • Aristotle and Beyond: Essays on Metaphysics and Ethics Broadie, S. J. 2007 Cambridge University Press. Book
  • Why no Platonistic Ideas of Artefacts? Broadie, S. J. 2007 Maieusis: Essays in Ancient Philosophy in Honour of Myles Burnyeat. Scott, D. (ed.). Oxford University Press p. 232-253. Chapter
  • Aristotle and contemporary ethics Broadie, S. J. 2006 The Blackwell Guide to Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. Kraut, R. (ed.). Blackwell p. 342-361. Chapter
  • A Contemporary Look at Aristotle's Changing Now Broadie, S. J. 2005 Metaphysics, Soul, and Ethics in Ancient Thought: themes from the work of Richard Sorabji. Salles, R. (ed.). Oxford University Press p. 81-93. Chapter
  • Mind, Soul and Movement according to Plato and Aristotle Broadie, S. J. 2005 Paper On the Idea of the summum bonum Broadie, S. J. 2005 Virtue, Norms, and Objectivity: Issues in Ancient and Modern Ethics. Gill, C. (ed.). Oxford University Press p. 41-58. Chapter
  • Virtue and beyond in Plato and Aristotle Broadie, S. J. 2005 In : Southern Journal of Philosophy. XLIII, p. 97-114. Article
  • Plato's Intelligible World? Broadie, S. J. 2004 p. 65-79.Paper
  • ‘GC I.4: Distinguishing Alteration’, Proceedings of the XVth Symposium Aristotelicum, Broadie, S. J., De Haas, F. & Mansfeld, J. 2004 p. 123-50. Paper
  • Aristotelian Piety Broadie, S. J. 2003 In : Phronesis. XLVIII, 1, p. 54-70. Article
  • Comments on A.W.Price Broadie, S. J. & Heinaman, R. (ed.) 2003 Other contribution
  • Comments on C.C.W.Taylor Broadie, S. J. & Heinaman, R. (ed.) 2003 Other contribution
  • The Contents of the Receptacle Broadie, S. J. Mar-2003 In : The Modern Schoolman. LXXX, p. 171-190. Article
  • The Sophists and Socrates Broadie, S. J. & Sedley, D. (ed.) 2003 Cambridge University Press Other contribution
  • Alternative World-Histories Broadie, S. J. Jul-2002 In : Philosophical Papers. 31, 2, p. 117-143. Article
  • Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics: Translation Introduction, and Commentary Broadie, S. J. & Rowe, C. 2002 Oxford University Press. 468 p.Scholarly edition
  • Three Philosophers Look at the Stars Broadie, S. J. 2002 Presocratic Philosophy: Essays in Honour of Alexander Mourelatos. Ashgate p. 303-312.Chapter
  • From Necessity to Fate: a Fallacy?Broadie, S. J. 2001 In : Journal of Ethics.Article
  • Soul and Body in Plato and Descartes Broadie, S. J. 2001 In : Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society. New Series CI, p. 296-308.Article
  • Theodicy and Pseudo-History in the Timaeus Broadie, S. J. 2001 In : Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy. XXI, winter, p. 1-28.Article
  • Rational Theology Broadie, S. J. 1999 Cambridge Companion to the Early Greek Philosophers. Long, A. (ed.). Cambridge University Press p. 205-224.Chapter
  • Aristotle's Elusive Summum Bonum Broadie, S. J. 1998 In : Social Philosophy and Policy. 16, p. 233-251. Article
  • Following Aristotle's Directions Broadie, S. J. 1998 Method in Ancient Philosophy. Gentzler, J. (ed.). Oxford University Press Chapter
  • Nous and Nature in De Anima III Broadie, S. J. 1997 p. 163-176. Paper
  • Another Problem of Akrasia Broadie, S. J. Sep-1994 In : International Journal of Philosophical Studies. 2, p. 229-42.Article

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