Isabelle Bril - Selected Publications#

2014. Number and number marking in Nêlêmwa and Zuanga (New Caledonia): Ontologies, definiteness and pragmatics. In Gerrit Dimmendaal and Anne Storch (eds.), Number: Constructions and Semantics. Case studies from Africa, Amazonia, India and Oceania (Studies in Language Companion Series 151), Amsterdam/Philadelphia: Benjamins, 167-198.

2012. Ownership, part-whole and other possessive-associative relations in Nêlêmwa (New Caledonia); Chapter 2 of Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald and R. M. W. Dixon (eds.), Possession and Ownership: a cross-linguistic typology. [Explorations in Linguistic Typology 6]. Oxford : OUP, 65-89.

2011a. AND and WITH conjunctive strategies in some Austronesian languages: Syntax, semantics, pragmatics. Special Issue on Coordination and Comitativity in Austronesian Languages. Language and linguistics 12/1: 239-272. Taipei: Academia Sinica. (2 citations)

2011b. Noun-phrase conjunction in Austronesian languages : additive, inclusory and comitative strategies. In Claire Moyse-Faurie & Joachim Sabel (eds). Topics in Oceanic morphosyntax. Berlin: de Gruyter, Mouton (Trends in Linguistics 239), 235-286. (2 citations)

2007a. Reciprocal constructions in Nêlêmwa. [Chapter 34]] In V.P. Nedjalkov, E. Geniušienė and Z. Guentchéva (eds), Reciprocal constructions. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: Benjamins (Typological Studies in Language 71), pp. 1479-1509. (1 citation)

2007b. Nexus and juncture types in complex predicates of Oceanic languages: functions and semantics. R. Van Valin & E. Zeitoun (eds). Language and linguistics 8/1: 267-310. Taipei: Academia Sinica. (2 citations)

2006. Coordination, subordination et co-jonction: faits linguistiques et concepts”. In I. Bril & G. Rebuschi (eds). Faits de Langue 28: 7-20. Paris: Ophrys. (5 citations) (co-authored with G. Rebuschi)

2005. Semantic and functional diversification of reciprocal and middle prefixes in New Caledonian and other Austronesian languages. Linguistic Typology 9-1: 25-75. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. (14 citations)

2004a. Complex nuclei in Oceanic languages: Contribution to an areal typology. In Bril, I. et F. Ozanne-Rivierre (eds), Complex predicates in Oceanic languages: studies in the dynamics of binding and boundness. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, (EALT 29). pp. 1-48. (17 citations)

2004b. Deixis in Nêlêmwa. In Deixis and demonstratives in Oceanic languages, G. Senft (ed.), Canberra: Pacific Linguistics. pp. 99-128. (6 citations)

NB: Citation figures are taken from Harzing Google Scholar from a total of 218 for the years 1994-2014.
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