Ivan Bratko - Major Publications#


BRATKO, Ivan. Prolog Programming for Artdieial Intelligence; Third edition. Pearson Education, Addison-Wesley, 2001. Second edition, Addison-Wesley 1990. First edition, Addison-Wesley 1986.
Translations: German, Italian, French, Slovenian, Japanese, Russian. The book became one of the most popular texts on Prolog and Al and was exceptionally well accepted by the readers. The book also includes some technical contributions, most notably the HYPER non-covering algorithm for ILP (Inductive Logic Programming). More than 100.000 copies of the English editions were sold.

BRATKO, Ivan, MOZETIČ, Igor, LAVRAČ, Nada. KARDIO: A Study in Deep and Qualitative Knowledge for Expert Systems. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, 1989.

Journal articles

MOŽINA, Martin, ŽABKAR, Jure, BRATKO, Ivan. Argument based machine learning. Artificial Intelligence. Vol. 171, no. 10/15, pp. 922-937 (2007).

LUŠTREK, Mitja, GAMS, Matjaž, BRATKO, Ivan. Is real-valued minimax pathological? Artificial Intelligence. Vol. 170, pp. 620-642 (2006).

ŠUC, Dorian, VLADUŠIČ, Daniel, BRATKO, Ivan. Qualitatively faithful quantitative prediction. Artificial Intelligence, 2004, Vol. 158, 189-214.

ŠUC, Dorian, BRATKO, Ivan. Skill modeling through symbolic reconstruction of operator's trajectories. IEEE Trans. Syst. Man and Cybernetics, Part A, Syst. humans, Vol. 30 (2000), 617-624.

ZUPAN, Blaž, BOHANEC, Marko, DEMŠAR, Janez, BRATKO, Ivan. Learning by discovery concept hierarchies. Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 109 (1999), 211-242.

KARALIČ, Aram, BRATKO, Ivan. First order regression. Machine Learning. Vol. 26 (1997), pp. 147-176.

BOHANEC, Marko, BRATKO, Ivan. Trading accuracy for simplicity in decision trees. Machine Learning. Vol. 15 (1995), 223-250.

BRATKO, Ivan. Applications of machine learning: towards knowledge synthesis. New generation Computing, Vol. 11 (1993), 343-360.
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