Angela Bracco - Selected Publications#

1) "Isospin Mixing in 80Zr: From Finite to Zero Temperature", Ceruti, S; Camera, F; Bracco, A; et al.,

2) "Pygmy dipole resonance in 124Sn populated by inelastic scattering of 17O", Pellegri, L; Bracco, A; Crespi, FCL; et al.,
PHYSICS LETTERS B 738 (2014) 519-523

3) "Isospin Character of Low-Lying Pygmy Dipole States in 208Pb via Inelastic Scattering of 17O Ions", Crespi, FCL; Bracco, A; Nicolini, R; et al.,

5) "Evidence for the Dipole Nature of the Low-Energy gamma Enhancement in Fe-56", Larsen, AC; Blasi, N; Bracco, A; et al.,

5) "The Pygmy Dipole Resonance in 68Ni and the neutron skin", Wieland, O and Bracco, A, Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 66 (2011) 374

6) "Constraints on the symmetry energy and neutron skins from pygmy resonances in 68Ni and 132Sn" Carbone, A; Colo, G; Bracco, A; Cao, L; Bortignon, PF; Camera, F and Wieland, O; PHYSICAL REVIEW C 81 (2010) 041301(R)

7) "Probing the nature of particle-core couplings in 49Ca with γ spectroscopy and heavy-ion transfer reactions", Montanari, D; Leoni, S; Mengoni, D; Benzoni, G; Blasi, N; Bocchi, G; Bortignon, PF; Bracco, A; et al., PHYSICS LETTERS B 697 (2011) 288

8) "Search for the Pygmy Dipole Resonance in 68Ni at 600 MeV/nucleon", Wieland, O; Bracco, A; Camera, F; Benzoni, G; et al., PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 102 (2009) 092502

9) "Giant Resonances: Nuclear structure at finite temperature", Bortignon PF,;Bracco A; Broglia RA; book belonging to the series "Contemporary Concepts in Physics". Harwood Academic Publishers, Amsterdam (1998), ISBN-13: 978-9057025709
ISBN-10: 9057025701

10) "Giant dipole resonance in the hot and thermalized 132Ce nucleus: Damping of collective modes at finite temperature", Wieland O; Bracco A; Camera F; et al., PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 97 (2006) 012501

According to Web of Science (WoS), Angela Bracco has 303 publications with a total citation of 5325 and an h-index of 36. Of the 303 publications in WoS more than 200 are in refereed journals and less than 100 in refereed proceedings.
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