Irene Bozzoni - Relevant recent publications:#

  • FaziF., Rosa A., Fatica A., De Marchis M. L., Gelmetti V., Nervi C. and Bozzoni I. (2005) A mini-circuitry comprising microRNA-223 and transcription factors NFI-A and C/EBP regulates human granulopoiesis. Cell, 123: 819-831.
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  • Cacchiarelli D., Martone J., Girardi E., Cesana M., Incitti T., Nicoletti C., Santini T., Sthandier O., Auricchio A., Musarò A. & Bozzoni I.(2010).microRNAs Involved in Molecular Circuitries Relevant for the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Pathogenesis Are Controlled by the Dystrophin/nNOS Pathway.Cell Metabolism, 12:341-51
  • Cacchiarelli D., Incitti T., Martone J., Cesana M., Cazzella V., Santini T., Sthandier O. and Bozzoni I. (2011) miR-31 modulates dystrophin expression: novel implications in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy therapy. EMBO Rep., 12:136-41
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  • Morlando M., Dini Modigliani S., Torrelli G., Rosa A., Di Carlo V., Caffarelli E. and Bozzoni I. (2012) FUS stimulates microRNA biogenesis by facilitating co-transcriptional Drosha recruitment.EMBO J. 31:4502-10.
  • Fatica A. and Bozzoni I. (2014) Long non-coding RNAs: new players in cell differentiation and development. Nature Review Genetics, 15:7-21
  • Legnini I., Morlando M., Mangiavacchi A., Fatica A. and Bozzoni. I.. (2014)A feed forward regulatory loop between the HuR protein and the long non coding RNA linc-MD1 controls early phases of muscle differentiation. Mol. Cell, 53:1–9.

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