Mondher Bouzayen - Selected publications#

The scientific outcome of his research work has gained a large international recognition as attested by the productivity (93 original papers in peer reviewed international journals) and the impact of my published work (h-index: 35 and g-index: 75 and 4367 citations).The work has been published in highly ranked scientific journals in the field of plant sciences among which The Plant Cell, The Plant Journal, TIPS, Plant Physiology and New Phytologist but also in multi-disciplanry journals like PNAS, Nature Biotechnology, and Nature. Beside the scientific achievements, the outcome of his research contributed to the deciphering of the mechanisms underlying fleshy fruit development including those involved in sensory and nutritional traits.

1- Liu M, Diretto G, Pirrello J, Roustan JP, Li Z, Giuliano G, Regad F, Bouzayen M (2014) The chimeric repressor version of an ERF family member, Sl-ERF.B3, shows contrasting effects on tomato fruit ripening. New Phytologist doi: 10.1111/nph.12771
Although fruit ripening is an ethylene-regulated process, the role of Ethylene Response Factors (ERFs) remains poorly understood. This work shows how the use of a chimeric dominant repressor can overcome the functional redundancy within this multigene faimly and allows uncovering the complex role of this ERF in mediating ethylene action during fruit ripening.

2- Sagar M., Chervin C., Mila I., Roustan JP., Benichou M., Gibon Y., Biais B., Latche A., Pech JC., Bouzayen M. and Zouine M. (2013) Sl-ARF4, an Auxin Response Factor involved in the control of sugar metabolism during tomato fruit development. Plant Physiology, 161, 1362–1374
This the first report on the essential role of Auxin Response Factors (ARFs) in fruit ripening. It describes the involvement of ARFs in the control of sugar content and provides insight into the link between auxin signaling, chloroplastic activity, and sugar metabolism in developing fruit. It opens new avenues in climacteric fruit ripening research.

3- Ruan YL., Patrick JW., Bouzayen M., Osorio S., Fernie AR. (2012) Molecular regulation of seed and fruit set. Trends In Plant Science 17(11), 656- 665
An original review linking seed and fruit development, obvious topic but rarely addressed.

4- Sato S., Tabata S., Mueller LA., Huang S., McCombie WR., Lippman ZB., Stack SM., Tanksley SD., Van de Peer Y., Mayer K., Bishop G J., Bouzayen M. et al., (2012) "The tomato genome sequence provides insights into fleshy fruit evolution". Nature, 485, 635–641
This is a major contribution to plant science overall as the complete genome sequence of the tomato provides an essential resource for solanaceae and fleshy fruit research.

5- Barsan C., Zouine M., Maza E., Bian W., Egea I., Rossignol M., Bouyssie D., Pichereaux C., Purgatto E., Bouzayen M., Latche A. and Pech JC. (2012) Proteomic analysis of chloroplast-to-chromoplast transition in tomato reveals metabolic shifts coupled with disrupted thylakoid biogenesis machinery and elevated energy-production components. Plant Physiology, 160: 708-725
Chromoplasts are carotenoid-accumulating plastids conferring color to many fruits and flowers but also to some tubers and roots. This work shows that chromoplast differentiation proceeds from preexisting plastids, most often chloroplasts and addresses the global proteomic changes during the chloroplast-to-chromoplast transition associated with fruit ripening.

6- Wang H., Jones B., Li ZG., Frasse P., Delalande C., Regad F., Chaabouni S., Latché A., Pech JC. and Bouzayen M. (2005) LeIAA9, a tomato Aux/IAA gene involved in fruit development and leaf morphogenesis. The Plant Cell, 17, 2676-2692
This pioneering work uncovers an important regulator of fruit set and parthenocarpy and provides important leads to translational biology. (215 citations)

7- Alba R, Fei Z, Liu Y, Debbie P, Gordon J, Rose J, Martin G, Tanksley S, Bouzayen M, Giovannoni J (2004) ESTs, cDNA microarrays, and gene expression profiling: tools for dissecting plant physiology and development. The Plant Journal, 39 (5), 697-714
This work illustrates the important contribution made by my group to building up new and advanced resources in the tomato that have been used worldwide paving the way to the tomato sequencing project. (244 citations)

8- Lelièvre J.M., Latché A., Jones B., Bouzayen M., Pech J.C. (1997) Ethylene and fruit ripening. Physiologia Plantarum 101, 727-739.
This is an essential critical review widely used by the fruit ripening community. (527 citations)

9- Ayub R., Ben Amor M., Gillot L., Roustan JP., Latché A., Bouzayen M., Pech JC (1996) Expression of ACC oxidase antisense gene inhibits ripening of melon fruit. Nature Biotechnology, 14: 862-866
One of the first example of a biotechnological control of fruit ripening. (325 citations)

10- Hamilton A., Bouzayen M., Grierson D. (1991) Identification of a tomato gene for the ethylene-forming enzyme by expression in yeast. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 88, 7434-7437
This is a major breakthrough that changed the whole topic of ethylene metabolism. (259 citations)
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