Claude Boutron - Major Publications#

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Boutron, C.F. and Patterson, C.C. (1986) Lead concentration changes in Antarctic ice during the Wisconsin/Holocene transition. Nature, 323, 222-225.

Boutron, C.F., Gorlach, U., Candelone, J.P., Bolshov, M.A. and Delmas, R.J. (1991) Decrease in anthropogenic lead, cadmium and zinc in Greenland snows since the late l960's. Nature, 353, 153-156. l

Rosman, K.J.R., Chisholm, W., Boutron, C.F., Candelone, J.P. and Gorlach, U. (1993) isotopic evidence for the source of lead in Greenland snows since the late l960's. Nature, 362, 333-335.

Hong, S., Candelone, J.P., Patterson, C.C. and Boutron, C.F. (1994) Greenland ice evidence of hemispheric pollution for lead two millennia ago by Greek and Roman civilizations. Science, 265, 1841-1843.

Hong, S., Candelone, J.P., Patterson, C.C. and Boutron, C.F. (1996). History of ancient copper smelting pollution during Roman and medieval times recorded in Greenland ice. Science, 272, 246-249.

Barbante, C., Veysseyre, A., Ferrari, C.P., Van de Velde, K., Morel, C., Capodaglio, G., Cescon, P., Searponi, G. and Boutron, C.F. (2001) Greenland snow evidence of large scale atmospheric contamination for platinum, palladium and rhodium. Environmental Science and Technology, 35, 835-839.

Gabrielli, P., Barbante, C., Plane, J.M.C., Varga, A., Hong, S., Cozzi, J., Planehon, F.A.M., Cairns, W., Ferrari, C., Crutzen, P., Cescon, P. and Boutron, C.F. (2004) Meteoric smoke fallout over the Holocene epoch revealed by iridium and platinum in Greenland ice. Nature, 432, 1011-1013.

Wolff., E.W., Fischer, H., Fundel, F., Ruth, U., Twarloh, B., Littot, G.C., Mulvaney, R., Röthlisberger, R., de Angelis, M., Boutron, C.F., Hansson, M., Jonsell, U., Hutterli, M., Lambert, F., Kaufmann, P., Stauffer, B., Stocker, T.F., Steffensen, J.P., Bigler, M., Siggaard-Andersen, M.L., Udisti, R., Becagli, S., Castellano, E., Severi, M., Wagenbach, D., Barbante, C., Gabrielli, P. and Gaspari, V. (2006). Southern Ocean sea-ice extent, productivity and iron flux over the past eight glacial cycles. Nature, 440, 491-496.

Jitaru, P., Gabrielli, P., Marteel, A., Plane, J.M.C., Planclion, F.A.M., Gauchard, P.A., Ferrari, C.P., Boutron, C.F., Adams, F. C., Hong, S., Cescon, P. and Barbante, C, (2009). Atmospheric depletion of mercury over Antarctica during glacial periods. Nature Geosciences, 2, 505-508.

Hong, S., Lee, K., Hur, S.D., Hou, S., Ren, J., Burn, L.J., Rosman, K.J.R., Barbante, C. and Boutron, C.F. (2009). An 800-year record of atmospheric As, Mo, Sn and Sb deposition in central Asia in high altitude ice cores from Qomolangma (Mt Everest), Himalayas. Environmental Science and Technology, 43, 8060-8065.
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