Georgina E. M. Born - Selected Publications#


2016. Improvisation and Social Aesthetics. Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press. (Edited with E. Lewis and W. Straw.)

2013. Music, Sound and Space: Transformations of Public and Private Experience. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Editor.) 358 pages.

2013. Interdisciplinarity: Reconfigurations of the Social and Natural Sciences. London and New York: Routledge. (Edited with A. Barry.) 288 pages.

2005. Uncertain Vision: Birt, Dyke and the Reinvention of the BBC. London: Vintage. (2004a, hardback - London: Secker and Warburg.) 564 pages.

2000. Western Music and its Others: Difference, Representation and Appropriation in Music. (Edited with D. Hesmondhalgh.)(Berkeley, CA. and London: University of California Press). 360 pages.

1995. Rationalizing Culture: IRCAM, Boulez, and the Institutionalization of the Musical Avant-Garde. (Berkeley, CA. and London: University of California Press.) 390 pages.

Journal articles:

2015. ‘Making time: Temporality, history, and the cultural object’, New Literary History, v. 46, n. 3, special issue: ‘Beyond Bourdieu’.

2015. ‘Music technology, gender and class: Digitization, educational and social change in Britain’ (with K. Devine), Twentieth Century Music, v. 12, n. 2, pp. 135-172.

2013. ‘On the ethnography of media production: An interview with Georgina Born’ (interview by P. Szczepanik), Illuminace: Journal of Film Theory, History and Aesthetics, v. 25, n. 3, pp. 99-119.

2011. ‘Music and the materialization of identities’, Journal of Material Culture, v. 16, n. 4, pp. 1-13.

2010. ‘For a relational musicology: Music and interdisciplinarity, beyond the practice turn’, Journal of the Royal Musical Association, v. 135, n. 2 (November), pp. 205-243.

2010. ‘Art-science: From public understanding to public experiment’, Journal of Cultural Economy, v. 3, n. 1, pp. 107-123 (with A. Barry)

2010. ‘The social and the aesthetic: For a post-Bourdieuian theory of cultural production’, Cultural Sociology, v. 4, n. 2, pp. 1-38.

2009. ‘Listening, mediation, event: Anthropological and sociological perspectives’, Journal of the Royal Musical Association, v. 134, n. 1, pp. 79-89.

2008. ‘Logics of interdisciplinarity’, Economy and Society, v. 37, n. 1, (February) pp. 20-49 (with A. Barry and G. Weszkalnys)

2008. ‘Trying to intervene: British media research and the framing of policy debate’. International Journal of Communication, v. 2. Available online at:

2005. ‘On musical mediation: Ontology, technology and creativity’, Twentieth Century Music, v. 2, n. 1, pp. 7-36.

2003. ‘From Reithian ethic to managerial discourse: Accountability and audit at the BBC’, Javnost - The Public (special issue), v. 10, n. 3, pp. 63-80.

2003. ‘Strategy, positioning and projection in digital television: Channel Four and the commercialisation of public service broadcasting in the UK’, Media, Culture and Society
v. 25, n. 6, pp. 773-799.

2002. ‘Reflexivity and ambivalence: Culture, creativity and government in the BBC’, Cultural Values: Journal of Cultural Research, issue on Culture & Governance, v. 6, n. 1-2, pp. 65-90.

2001. ‘Culture, citizenship and consumerism: The BBC’s fair trading obligations and public service broadcasting’, The Modern Law Review, v. 64, n. 5, pp. 657-687. (With T. Prosser.)

1998. ‘Anthropology, Kleinian psychoanalysis, and the subject in culture’, American Anthropologist v. 100, n. 2, pp. 373-386.

1998. ‘The public museum, museum photography, and the limits of reflexivity’, Journal of Material Culture v. 3, n. 2, pp. 223-254.

1997. ‘Modernist discourse, psychic forms, and agency’, Cultural Anthropology, v.12, n. 4,
pp. 480-501.

1996. ‘(Im)materiality and sociality: The dynamics of intellectual property in a computer software research culture’, Social Anthropology, v. 4, n. 2, pp. 101-116.

1993. ‘Against negation, for a politics of cultural production: Adorno, aesthetics, the social’, Screen v. 34, n. 3, pp. 223-42.

1987. ‘On modern music culture: Shock, pop and synthesis’, New Formations n. 2, pp. 51-78.

Book chapters:

2016. ‘After relational aesthetics: Improvised music, the social, and re-theorising the aesthetic’, in Born, Lewis & Straw (eds) Improvisation and Social Aesthetics. Durham, N.C.: Duke Univ. Press.

2015. ‘Temporalities, aesthetics and the studio: An interview with Georgina Born’, pp. 135-151 in I. Farías and A. Wilkie (eds), Studio Studies: Operations, Topologies and Displacements. London and New York: Routledge, CRESC series.

2013. ‘Music: Ontology, agency and creativity’, pp. 130-154 in L. Chua and M. Elliott (eds.), Distributed Objects: Meaning and Matter after Alfred Gell. Oxford: Berg.

2013. ‘Interdisciplinarity: Reconfigurations of the social and natural sciences’, pp. 1-56 in A. Barry and G. Born (eds.), Interdisciplinarity: Reconfigurations of the Social and Natural Sciences. London and New York: Routledge.

2013. ‘Introduction: Music, sound, and the reconfiguration of public and private space’, pp. 1-69, in G. Born (ed.), Music, Sound and Space: Transformations of Public and Private Experience. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

2013. ‘On music and politics: Henry Cow, avant-gardism and its discontents’, in R. Adlington (ed.), Red Strains: Music and Communism Outside the Communist Bloc. Oxford: Oxford University Press/British Academy.

2012. ‘Mediating the public sphere: Digitisation, pluralism, and communicative democracy’, pp. 119-146 in C. J. Emden and D. Midgley (eds.) Beyond Habermas: Democracy, Knowledge, and the Public Sphere. London and New York: Berghahn.

2012, ‘Social forms and relational ontologies in digital music’, pp. 163-180 in D. Peters, G. Eckel and A. Dorschel (eds), Bodily Expression in Electronic Music: Perspectives on Reclaiming Performativity. New York and London: Routledge.

2012. ‘Science, technology and the avant-garde’, Chapter 34 in J. Sterne (ed.), The Sound Studies Reader. New York and London: Routledge.

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2010. ‘On Tardean Relations: Temporality and ethnography’, pp. 232-249 in M. Candea (ed.), The Social After Gabriel Tarde: Debates and Assessments. London and New York: Routledge.

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2008, ‘A digitalisere demokratiet’, pp. 197-226 in R. Puijk (ed), Fjernsyn i digitale omgivelser. Kristiansand, Norway: Ij-Forlaget.

2007. ‘Future-making: Corporate performativity and the temporal politics of markets’, pp. 288-296 in D. Held and H. Moore (eds.), Cultural Politics in a Global Age: Uncertainty, Solidarity and Innovation. London: Oneworld.

2006. ‘Digitising democracy’, in (eds.) J. Lloyd and J. Seaton, What Can Be Done? Making the Media and Politics Better, pp. 102-23. Special book issue of Political Quarterly. Oxford: Blackwell.
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