Corinne Bonnet - Biography#

Professsor Bonnet's academic activities have touched different European countries: Belgium, Germany and Italy, the United States, and France. Each step of my scientific path has been contributed to my personal enrichment. I deeply appreciate the variety of scientific traditions and I have tried to take the very best of each place where I have studied or made research.

I have studied Ancient History (Greek and Roman) in the University of Liège, where I have presetend my PhD in 1987, under the supervision of Jean Servais (†) et Claude Baurain : Melqart. Cultes et mythes de l’Héraclès tyrien en Méditerranée published in 1988). In order to analyze the Phoenician culture, I have studied Hebrew, Phoenician and Ugaritic. Since that time I have tried to improve my knowledge both on Classical and Near Eastern topics. The question of contacts, cohabitations, cross-cultural issues between the "West" and the "East" are the very core fo my research. They also enable me to reflect through the past on the present.

After several years of teaching and research in Belgium, Germany and Italy, I have presented in 2002 an Habilitation in France and I received a position as Professor of Greek History in Toulouse in 2003. There I am involved in several activities, for example I am (since 9 years) responsible for the Research Team "ERASME", which works on the reception of Antiquity and publishes the journal "Anabases. Traditions et réceptions de l'Antiquité" (available on; 22 issues until now).

I have always associated my scientific achievements and my teaching activities. I consider the transmission of knowledge a fundamental mission and I have followed 6 PhD students since 2003, 10 others are currently working on their PhD under my supervision. I also welcomed in Toulouse 2 post-doctoral researchers, one from Italy, one from France. I teach ancient History and History of religions at each level, from the first year of BA untill the last of MA.

I have been and I still am involved in many international scientific teams, with colleagues from France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium. I have worked several years together with colleagues from Münster, Freiburg, Hamburg, Poznan, Innsbruck, Nicosia, Athens, Perugia and Rome in order to create an European Master in Classical Studies, which is now perfectly working.

I have published 34 books (as author, co-author, editor or co-editor) and 161 articles in French, English, Italian, German.
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