Annemie Bogaerts - Biography#

Annemie Bogaerts (age 47) is full professor and head of the research group PLASMANT. She started this group “from scratch” after the retirement of her supervisor (Prof. R. Gijbels), based on her own PhD. Currently the group counts 37 members (2 professors, 15 postdocs, 18 PhD students and 2 technical coworkers). In 2009, the group obtained the maximum score (20/20) from the International Peer Review Panel on Research Evaluation of the Chemistry Department, organized by the Research Council of UAntwerp.

She has above 400 peer-reviewed publications since 1995, and above 11,000 citations, with a H-index of 52 (Web of Science) (above 16,000 citations and H-index of 64 in Google Scholar). Furthermore, she has more than 140 invited lectures at international conferences (since 1998) and more than 60 invited seminars at universities/institutes (since 1995), in various countries. She was the supervisor of 29 finished PhD theses (since 2005), and is now supervising 23 PhD students (incl. joint PhD students), and 12 postdocs.

She has received 20 scientific awards, including the Prize of the Research Council of the University of Antwerp in Exact Sciences (1998), the Prize of the “Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van België voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten” in de category Exact Sciences (2001), the Alumni Prize of the “Belgian-American Educational Foundation” (2003), the “Lester W. Strock Award of the New England Section of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy”, in recognition for “Outstanding contributions in the areas of plasma and surface modeling” (2008) and the “Winter Plasma Award”, in recognition for “Outstanding contributions in the field of laser ablation modeling” (2009).

She is member of the “Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van België voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten” (since 2012), the Academia Europaea (since 2011) and the Solvay Local Scientific Committee for Chemistry (since 2013). In 2013-2016, she was Francqui Research Professor.

She is member of the editorial or advisory board of several journals, and editor of Spectrochimica Acta Part B, responsible for the review papers (since 2002). She also acted 10 times as guest editor for a special issue. In 2016, she was guest editor of a special issue on “Plasma & Cancer” for the journal “Plasma Processes and Polymers”. Moreover, she is in the international scientific committee of several international conferences, and was chair of the “International Symposium of Plasma Chemistry” (ISPC), organized in Antwerp in 2015, which attracted almost 600 participants. She is also the Chair of the International Scientific Committee of the “International Workshop on Plasmas for Cancer Treatment” (IWPCT).

Finally, she has several service activities within and outside the University of Antwerp. She was for many years member of the Research Council of UAntwerp, member of the Project Evaluation Commission of the Research Council and member of FWO panel W&T2. She is also member of the “Faculty Evaluation Commission” and the “Commission Academic Personnel” of the UAntwerp. Currently, she is chair of the Department of Chemistry.

Key peer reviewed publications (source for number of citations: Web of Science Core Collection)

1) A. Bogaerts, E. Neyts, R. Gijbels and J.J.A.M. van der Mullen, Gas discharge plasmas and their applications, Spectrochim. Acta Part B, 57, 609-658 (2002) (invited paper). IF: 2.695; 484 citations.

2) R. Aerts, W. Somers and A. Bogaerts, CO2 splitting in a dielectric barrier discharge plasma: a combined experimental and computational study, ChemSusChem. 8, 702-716 (2015). IF: 7.116; 98 citations.

3) E.C. Neyts, K. Ostrikov, M.K. Sunkara and A. Bogaerts, Plasma catalysis: Synergistic effects at the nanoscale, Chem. Rev. 115, 13408-13446 (2015). IF: 37.369; 118 citations.

4) R. Snoeckx, S. Heijkers, K. Van Wesenbeeck, S. Lenaerts and A. Bogaerts, CO2 conversion in a dielectric barrier discharge plasma: N2 in the mix as helping hand of problematic impurity? Energy & Environm. Sci. 9, 999-1011 (2016). IF: 29.518; 41 citations.

5) R. Snoeckx and A. Bogaerts, Plasma technology – a novel solution for CO2 conversion ? Chem. Soc. Rev. 46, 5805-5863 (2017). IF: 38.618; 54 citations (paper featured on the cover of the journal).

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